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It’s Official, Assassin’s Creed Star Ezio Is The Soul Calibur V Guest Character |

Namco has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed 2 protagonist, Ezio Auditore, will be included in Soul Calibur V as a special guest character. Unlike in the past where guest characters in the weapon based fighter would be exclusive to certain systems, Ezio will be available to unlock on both the PS3 and 360.

See Ubisoft’s famous assassin in action in the following trailer:

Along with the announcement Namco also revealed that SC V will be launching in North America on January 31st and on February 3rd in Europe. A Collector’s Edition of the game will include an art book, ‘Making of’ DVD, original soundtrack plus a DLC card which unlocks the Black Knight and Paladin armour sets.

  • Oly

    Looking sweet!

  • soul calibur is a really weird game…

  • mowmow

    soul calibur to me has always had special characters from starwars or the different consoles. I’d love to try out ezio

  • Jay

    so the rumors were true. I guess has some reliable sources.


  • wolfkin

    I like soul calibur but I haven’t played since SCII. Ezio probably isn’t going to get me back either.

  • O man can’t wait to play around with Ezio! He’s got some many tricks up his sleeve I hope that he is high-tier 😀