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PixelJunk Sidescroller: Retro Heaven |

Q-Games has released a promising launch trailer for their PSN exclusive, old school shooter PixelJunk Sidescroller. The developer confirmed via Twitter, Wednesday October 25th, as the release date for the EU PS store.

Based on the unlockable stage from PixelJunk Shooter 2, PixelJunk Sidescroller is an arcade masterpiece with Brand new levels, local Co-op mode, hordes of enemies, and epic boss fights to represent the retro gaming golden era.

– Explore a thoroughly re-invented genre as you battle your way through unique, retro stages.
– Search for hidden Power Up items and upgrade your arsenal of weapons to retrofit your ship.
– Hop into the local co-op mode to unleash massive mayhem on hordes of unsuspecting enemies.

A relaxing retro time with a cold one. This is not to be missed folks!

  • Very colorful. Free seizures for everyone!

  • Markus: Very colorful. Free seizures for everyone!  

    hehe that actually made me laugh in the middle of a very important meeting lol

  • @Markus lol

    I actually heard this game is quite difficult, not the best for relaxing and playing drunk ;p

    ps: yey, made it to the top 10 πŸ˜€

  • I like the style, no doubt — but I want PJ to produce a new IP rather than continuing to trot out new editions of Shooter. Their first game, the on-rails racer, is dross, but the next three are all great. I’d suggest, though, that Monsters and Eden are, in fact, better than Shooter. Eden is certainly more innovative, and Monsters is just more fun. But I’m a sucker for a good Tower Defense game. (And Monsters is one of the very best of the genre.)

  • Woo im getting this tomorrow, looks so fun. @premiersoupir You didn’t like shooter, its such a fun game, the use the physics of all the fluids so originally

  • wolfkin

    monster was hard. I kinda gave up on it.. i should go back but i was on the verge of not having fun.

    it’s going to be interesting to see how the brutal difficulty is received by the true veterans of the genre. I’m happy Q has shown that they can take a single engine and produce a myriad of game genres from it but I don’t know if their one art style fits all approach will maximize itself in the way it needs to in order to attract the Ikaruga crowd.

  • @wolfkin This is only the first game coming out of the shooter genre, monsters, eden, and racers had sequels so you can’t really count pixel junk shooter 2 as a sequel. And also they have a new IP coming out soon.