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Soul Calibur V Collectors Edition and Pre-Order Bonus |

What a week it was for Soul Calibur Fans. First, we had FooBear’s Live Blog coverage from the Soul Calibur V Event in San Francisco, then Sakinah confirmed Ezio as a playable guest character. Here is the first picture of Soul Calibur V Collectors Edition available Jan 31st and Feb 3rd, 2012 in North America and Europe respectively.

The Collectors Edition contains:

Soul Calibur V Game
Parchment Letter
Exclusive Book box case
Making of DVD & Original Soundtrack CD
Exclusive Signed Art by de development team
Exclusive Dark Knight & White Knight costumes for character creation mode

Namco has also unveiled that the Jack of all trades, Dampierre, a Soul Calibur character from Broken Destiny will be available as a pre-order bonus from a (still to be announced) retailer.

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  1. I think i will pass on this collector’s edition. I don’t really see anything in their that i would like to have. Also I hate it when characters are preorder bonuses at certain store locations.

  2. I personally think this looks really good, but I wonder how much will it cost…

  3. I really have an issue buying fighting games for $60 anymore in general. This looks cool but these type of games just dont hold my interest like they used to when I was young and had tons of friends over to play with. My reflex’s aren’t what they used to be lol

  4. dragon290513

    i think it will be retail for $79 considering we have no statue or figurine and that preorder character will be available as a DLC a year later

  5. Considering what’s included I agree that $79.99 SHOULD be the price.

  6. I am a Street Fighter guy, but I’d say Soul Caliber 4 was fun. I Still wouldn’t pay extra for a collectors edition, but I will pick the game up when its cheaper.

  7. So Dampierre is kind of like the Dan of Soul Calibur? Well he looks quirky to place with at least. It’s nice it’s a real character as a bonus and not a skin πŸ˜› Still never a big fan of Soul Calibur, I hate 3D fighters, but hey as always if it plays well I’m for it πŸ˜€

  8. dragon290513

    oh wow just noticed that Dampierre trailer and…wow They didnt promote him like that in the PSP version

  9. Passing on the the Collector’s Edition but definatly getting the game.

  10. the previous versions are also coming out on mobile devices.



    and so on…

  11. wolfkin

    Parchment Letter? what the heck man? I’ll take the artbook and soundtrack… these CE/LE’s are getting weird.

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