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Back to the Future: The Game Now Available at Retail |

Telltale is proud to announce that their acclaimed Back to the Future: The Game is now available at retail for PlayStation 3 for the incredible price of only $19.99.

Make sure you check out Eden’s reviews here, and hit the jump for more info.

Telltale Game’s acclaimed extension of the blockbuster movie trilogy has arrived on store shelves just in time for the holidays. So strap in, power up the flux capacitor and put the continued time traveling journeys of Doc Brown and Marty McFly at the top of your gift list.

If the Back to the Future fan on your shopping list has yet to experience the game that made say “…managed to make me feel eight years old again” or happily report that the game is “…a welcome surprise – it’s a movie-inspired game that doesn’t suck”, then now is your chance to give them the perfect holiday gift of Marty and Doc’s continued time spanning adventures, all on one disc!

In Back to the Future: The Game, players will travel through time as Marty McFly and play in a cinematic adventure true to the films. Back to the Future: The Game features a new storyline by original film series co-creator, screenwriter and producer Bob Gale along with the vocal talents of original movie cast members Christopher Lloyd (‘Doc’ Brown) and Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker), with special cameo appearances by the one and only Michael J. Fox. It also introduces the spookily-accurate voice talent of A.J. LoCascio as Marty McFly.

  • wolfkin

    oh heck yeah that’s awesome.. all the game none of the downloading. I’m almost glad I didn’t buy it. Almost because I’m sure it went on sale for less than that once and I still regret not having the money to buy it.

  • episode 1 was actually very good. Anyone know if there’s a Platinum involved?

  • ah nice glad to see it in retail and only $20 not bad at all

  • I think this is a good initiative, however I’ve bought it on the PSN a while ago though…

    Retail is always my preferred medium of purchase, as downloadable titles tend to fill out my HDD a lot faster…

    The game is quite good, but I haven’t played much yet.

  • MEEEaaaaahhh I gotta go the other way there. 20 bucks is ass for this game. I played Episode 1 cause yea it was free, the game was sooooooo slooooooow. I mean people in the 30 ran right? Well probably not, but they shoudlv’e made marty move faster. I know the same Sam and Max people move this, and it played exactly the same, but S & M actually was funny. This wasn’t funny at all to play! I really question the 91% rating (>>) Anyway, as far as Value goes, 5 “games” for 20 bucks is good, but still I’d rather you pick up 4 other “real” old games for 5 bucks then this.

  • wolfkin

    Ajescent: episode 1 was actually very good.Anyone know if there’s a Platinum involved?  

    if it’s on disc there has to be. the only games on disc that don’t get it are rerelease of PS2/PSP games.

  • @Ajescent: No, no platinum. You’d think they’d add one for having all other trophies, right?

  • wolfkin

    no? that’s crazy odd.

  • @Ajescent

    My mistake. Since I’m playing the Sam and Max Season 2 release I was thinking of that when writint about Back to the Future. It DOES have a platinum. The S&M Season 2 PSN release doesn’t.