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Rockstar Set To Reveal Grand Theft Auto V Next Week |

Rockstar Games is finally ready to reveal to the world the next Grand Theft Auto installment. Earlier today the company released a teaser for Grand Theft Auto V along with the date ( 11.2.11) when the first trailer for the game will go live.

We’ve just over a week to attempt to predict which city Grand Theft Auto will take us to next or who the new protagonist will be in the game so let the speculation begin!

  • Im really hoping that R* sees the importance of bringing us a San Andreas like game this time around!!

  • Please, no pigeons!

  • Please, no pigeons! [+1]

    I had just said that on another post, lol

    I’m hoping R* will make some substantial changes to the game. After playing RDR when I went back to GTA IV I simply felt underwhelmed, didn’t finish the game yet because of this. Personally, I really do hope the game is more like San Andreas, as Baba said, which is the best of the franchise.

  • I’ve never played the earlier grand theft auto games, but red dead was intriguing. I feel like they are just rehashing their old ideas now, and I would like to see some big changes to the series. I would probably buy the game if they broke from tradition with GTA5.

  • What if it’s a timed Wii U exclusive?

  • Hahah I love it how they can’t decide on FIVE or “V” so they’re just like LETS PUT BOTH

    Whole Internet has a rager today 😀

  • Please, no pigeons! (2)

    Best new of the week

    I hope that you actually came to Beverly Hills to talk about. And one more decadent Hollywood in some places and the history
    And again could have San Fierro and Las Venturas also (I loved invade Las Venturas with the police chasing me still locked)

    In what decade will it be past or present?

    I hope that AXL Rose, is the radio dj’s again like in San Andreas

  • dragon290513

    about time, but will it be on this gen of console?

  • dragon290513: about time, but will it be on this gen of console?  

    I’d say this gen, definitely. Probably it’ll be a 2012 release, it’s more than likely that this has has been in the making for years, perhaps even before GTA IV came out.

  • I hope we get a brand new location. As much as i would love to see an over hauled Vice City….I really need something new.

    It would probably freak out if they managed to make it a Yakuza themed game.

    I love the Yakuza series…so imagine if it had the R* twist to it.

  • i would mind a gta more like san andreas but really i hope they come up with something new. Im really bored of gta like games now, was only able to play RDR for a bit before i got bored of it. Just the same thing over and over again

  • mowmow

    i’m sure we knew a new gta was coming soon. I hope they will make it as interesting as the last game was and a big variety in missions. The bank robbery mission was awesome

  • Really hoping you’re given the option to visit other cities around the world and/or country in GTA V. Doesn’t have to be that many, one or two just for the sake of trying something new.

  • It won’t be san andreas, but it will play like it, you’ll be able to fly planes like gta san andreas, but it will be another pun on an american city, maybe Chicago or Philadelphia.

  • man i cant wait. GTA4 wasn’t bad. everyone be hatin on it and it makes me mad. I hope its similar in a way to both San Andres and GTA4

  • Don’t get me wrong GTA 4 was and is a great game, but sadly it missed the mark, the one city idea was great for Vice City, but after san andreas set the bar so bloody high with all it offered, and the immense amount of content and awesome gameplay…..they can’t just make it a one city game with little in the way of side activities

  • Omg I can’t wait! They should include an HD remake of some of the earlier games, like San Andreas.

  • Markus: Omg I can’t wait! They should include an HD remake of some of the earlier games, like San Andreas.  

    play SA on a launch PS3 and turn upscaling on, there is your HD remake. As for releasing an HD remakes of prior games….never happen!

  • My launch PS3 still needs to be repaired :/ But thanks for the info, I’m going to have repair it just to play San Andreas and for the extra hard drive space, I’m full ><

  • Hmm, Why am I not excited for this one? I think the release of major titles this fall has this effect on people. Probably this game won’t be out till later next year, which would make more sense. I agree with Baba on the fact that GTA4 indeed missed the mark. GTA San Andreas blow the roof of open world games and set the bar high for future titles. I just started playing RDR and as Pedro said: GTA IV was in no comparison to the amount of content RDR offered, not including the awesome Undead Nightmare DLC. Rockstar has some high standards to follow, but yet again, they’ve always delivered in the terms of originality and superior gameplay. They might surprise as after all …

  • I thought GTAIV was great. Beautiful graphics and wicked soundtrack. I just didn’t enjoy the character, Niko, as much as I have past GTA main characters. *shrug* But I didn’t play GTAIV, it’s on my to do list lol…

    Still, can’t wait for the announcement!

  • wolfkin

    I’m going with my timeline on this one.. /me fingers crossed for
    GTA: Bollywood

    on a side note what is up with their PR people. really? a “teaser” for a “trailer”? For the record.. a picture is not a “teaser” *grumbles* bloody PR guys. that’s the sort of PR talk that makes a certain gaming blog think they were playing a pre-alpha build of a game.

  • dragon290513

    LA Noire is already set in LA, so we have both a classic and modern LA to play with!

  • Hmm nvm, its looking like its gonna be GTA:DC you can tell by the money-like logo.

  • Jay

    I’d still love a 1970s San Andreas.