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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Will Release on November 8. |

Konami just announced via press release, that the Metal Gear Solid HD collection will be available in stores November 8th. The collection will feature a total of 5 complete games, including: METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY, METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER in HD, and the original MSX2 classics, METAL GEAR and METAL GEAR 2: SOLID SNAKE. Are you excited yet?? Are you adding this to your collection?

  • ill be picking this up for sure. Though i read it delayed in Europe till February hopefully they dont change their minds about here

  • Skipping it. MGS lost me after 3. Might give 4 a try with trophy support but that’s about it.

    Only reason I’d buy this would be for the 250 page artbook included with the Limited Edition, turn around and sell the game back for store credit hahaha.

  • haha seen that but $20 for just an artbook really is a bit steep for me

  • @Kane112: But it’s a 250 page artbook! That’s less than 8 cents a page!

  • haha true but personally i would look at it once then put it somewhere and not see it again for a long time. Now if the LE came with some more goodies for something then i wouldnt mind at all about spending an extra $20 or $30

  • dragon290513

    @eden: sell it to me please XD

    also is it confirmed that there will be 5 games included? I thought only 3 at first and then Peace Walker seems to be standalone?

  • its MGS 2,3 and Peace Walker confirmed. Not sure about MG and MG 2 tho lot of places seem to saying they are included tho i havent seen anything from Konami

  • I’m tempted, but I haven’t decided yet. MG is really cool, but I’m not completely convinced on the whole “HD Collection” thing going on…

  • I will be getting this. cant wait, but i thought that the other 2 were only to set to be released in eur and asia only o well win win now.

  • Updating the post with images from the press release guys.. here it is..

  • dragon290513

    and here i was wondering what limited editon that eden is talking about

  • I still don’t understand AT ALL how this collection doesn’t have Metal Gear Solid on it, Ya know… the game that came BEFORE METAL GEAR SOLID 2!!! Big Flub up by Konami. What Hell I’d rather they call this the Big Boss Collection and made it Snake Eater, PeaceWalker, and Portable Ops!

    Still glad to have people of the newer generation play such great games, even they’re going to have NO IDEA wtf is going on.

  • well to make mgs hd they would pretty much have to start from stratch not sure what the deal is with twin snakes tho on gamecube. what they should is a voucher to download mgs from psn for free. think they did that in japan

  • mowmow

    i going to pick this bad boy up. Peace walker was a very good game. its definitely worth the playthrough

  • @Dark. You are absolutely right. They did it for Shadow of the Colossus and ICO. Why can’t they do it for MGS? Kojima was asked the same question a couple of months ago and he replied via twitter that MGS has too low of a polygon count to be converted in to HD he says.

    Also, I think this is just a plot Konami cooked up to finally bridge the gap between consoles in preparation for MGS RISING and it’s 25th anniversary next year. I am getting this for the Art Book and get it signed by Kojima next year at E3.