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Babel Rising Coming to the PSN from Ubisoft |

Today, Ubisoft announced the development of Babel Rising, a new game coming to the PSN in calendar year 2012. Developed by Mando Productions, players use the PS Move to summon God-like powers and prevent the Babylonians from constructing the Tower of Babel.

Ubisoft’s Babel Rising is the next-generation version of the popular iPhone game of the same name. In Babel Rising, gamers play as God, preventing humans from building the tower of Babel. Gamers can use their divine powers by hurling bolts of lightning, summoning massive earthquakes or unleashing gigantic floods upon the Babylonians. Developer Mando Productions has breathed new life into the game with 3D graphics and competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.

Babel Rising joins the previously announced I Am Alive™ and Shoot Many Robots™ as part of Ubisoft’s upcoming digital releases. During Ubisoft’s Digital Day event, Ubisoft also demonstrated a yet-to-be named ATV racing game featuring fast-paced racing, aerial tricks, extensive vehicle customization options and a competitive multiplayer experience that is also scheduled for release in calendar year 2012.

Source: Press Release

  • This sounds like a joke game. Is it April Fool’s?

  • Jay

    sounds interesting

  • Sounds kind of funny. But what the hell is the Tower of Babel? I thought that was the thing from Devil May Cry 3?

  • Darklurkr23: Sounds kind of funny.But what the hell is the Tower of Babel?I thought that was the thing from Devil May Cry 3?  

    *facedesk* Wikipedia is your friend.

    anyway, sounds like a fun review.

  • dragon290513

    sounds fun but how long will it last?

  • wolfkin

    um… wait a minute.. this sounds almost exactly like Gods vs Humans on WiiWare.. and very nifty little game if you haven’t played it.. shame they remove demos because that demo is crazy fun.