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DCUO Free to Play Starting Nov. 1st |

  • Yea do those Uncharted 3 Cups count for this? If it counts on PS3 then hell yea. But I heard it’s PC only.

    Then again unless you can get any trophies for free version I’m not going to download it and get another 0% on my history. (Damn you FreeRealms! Thought that’s what I get for downloading FreeRealms ()

  • meh

    @darklurkr23 I’m 95% positive free version does not have trophies.

  • dragon290513

    thats confirmed, you have to pay for $15 the supscription if you want trophies. I have already played it for 2 months on PC so yeah…

  • free tastes so good I could care less about trophies. They dont help you get laid ya know

  • I’ll download it once my PS3 is back from the shop and try it for an hour or two. Should I like it I’ll pay for a bit and see how it goes.

  • @Jason: But I seem to recall that level and item caps as well as no access to ALL quests is what will make us want to pay (plus a fun game and trophies of course).

  • wolfkin

    is the download free? I forget

  • Lan

    I played it back when it was in the beta; and I enjoyed it. so I will definitely be clicking that button to download when tuesday comes around.

  • I too will get it since it’s “free” but downloading huge amount of data is going to be a pain. 🙁

  • wolfkin

    I’m working with 1 maybe 2 gigs of free space.. no way I can hold an MMO. i really need to upgrade my PS3 HD but you have to buy notebook drives.. and you have to buy a case for the old one so you can import all the data.. huge pain in the neck and my finances.