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DCUO Free to Play Starting Nov. 1st |


  1. Yea do those Uncharted 3 Cups count for this? If it counts on PS3 then hell yea. But I heard it’s PC only.

    Then again unless you can get any trophies for free version I’m not going to download it and get another 0% on my history. (Damn you FreeRealms! Thought that’s what I get for downloading FreeRealms ()

  2. meh

    @darklurkr23 I’m 95% positive free version does not have trophies.

  3. dragon290513

    thats confirmed, you have to pay for $15 the supscription if you want trophies. I have already played it for 2 months on PC so yeah…

  4. free tastes so good I could care less about trophies. They dont help you get laid ya know

  5. I’ll download it once my PS3 is back from the shop and try it for an hour or two. Should I like it I’ll pay for a bit and see how it goes.

  6. @Jason: But I seem to recall that level and item caps as well as no access to ALL quests is what will make us want to pay (plus a fun game and trophies of course).

  7. wolfkin

    is the download free? I forget

  8. I played it back when it was in the beta; and I enjoyed it. so I will definitely be clicking that button to download when tuesday comes around.

  9. I too will get it since it’s “free” but downloading huge amount of data is going to be a pain. 🙁

  10. wolfkin

    I’m working with 1 maybe 2 gigs of free space.. no way I can hold an MMO. i really need to upgrade my PS3 HD but you have to buy notebook drives.. and you have to buy a case for the old one so you can import all the data.. huge pain in the neck and my finances.

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