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Winners Of The Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Giveaway |

We had 102 entries in this giveaway. I picked 3 winners at random. Congrats to Darklurkr23 (Google+ Entry), ZFM12 (Lottery Ticket) & premiersoupir (Lottery Ticket). Keep earning those points, we have more giveaways coming!


  1. Sorry Darklurkr but I am not sure I’ll be
    Able to explain this one lol

  2. @darklurkr23 has more games to play than me and Eden put together.

  3. congrats to the winners =]

  4. hooray! thanks very much, — you all rock! 🙂

  5. congrats guys. Darklurkr is on a role

  6. LOL 2 comments..

    Congrats guys!

  7. @darklurkr23 i’ve lost my hot streak and you’ve taken over, i’ll need it back for the dead island giveaway though

  8. Congrats!

  9. Enjoy your games! Don’t worry, darklurker23 can’t win forever!

  10. Says You EdEN! Maybe I’ll just buy 1-4 more entries for the Elevator Game! AND I haven’t even made my video entry for Dead Island yet!

    Once again though, thank you so much. So glad I found all you wonderful Internet People 😛 Now if only I could have such good luck with the ladies…..

  11. dragon290513

    damn you lucky dog

  12. wolfkin

    congrats dudes.. maybe it’s lucky for me anyway I’m not sure I understood the game from the demo. I hope they have a better tutorial in the full game.

  13. Woot! Downloading it right now

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