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Releases for the Week (October 31st-November 6th) |

Halloween is here… and so is the new releases for the week! What does the first week of november have in store for us? For most of you I could just mention that Uncharted 3 is finally hitting retail, call it a day and get this over with, but there are a LOT of games that you should also consider as well!

This week brings us the second wave of PS2 Classics (I got GrimGrimoire, Odin Sphere and Maximo. Did you buy any of them?) which at least means the first round was a success and gives us hope for more and more games to join this new part of the PSN store. I did own a PS2 but there are a LOT of games I never got to try and would love to get a chance to do so.

Full list of games after the break!


You Can Buy Uncharted 3 Right Here!

Or, Get the Collector’s Edition!

Or Maybe You’re Looking for a New PS3 System AND Uncharted 3?

You Can Buy Sonic Generations Right Here!

You Can Buy Lord of the Rings: War in the North Right Here!

You Can Buy NCIS Right Here!

You Can Buy Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Right Here!





  • lol no hotlinking allowed EdEN for Bloodryne. Not much for me this week already have UC3 tho wouldnt mind trying the new LOTR and Golden eye games

  • man, I’m so sad LotR flunked with the the critics :/

    I bought it anyway though.

  • Oly

    Pedro when do u get LotR ? I might pick it up today.. 3 played co-op FTW

  • @Pedro: As long as YOU like it and YOU want it… who cares about “critics”? They don’t love LotR like we do! Did you get the CE?

  • @Oly I’ll only be playing it in January when I’ll get back from the US :/ but 3 player co-op is the way to go on this one.

    @EdEN yeah, that couldn’t be more true, however I wish it wasn’t “repetitive” as they said… I really don’t like repetitive games.

  • wolfkin

    when the ducky did Batman AC come out? wasn’t that like a week ago? i was just in Wal-Mart and I didn’t see it. I saw almost an entire shelf of Uncharted and nowhere was Batman. Now that’s depressing. That’s a turnover that’s terrible.

  • @wolfkin: Last week indeed. Maybe they sold out?

  • dragon290513

    im sure LotR will drop down in price pretty quick. A little sad though since they’ve put a lot effort into it.

  • @dragon290513 that is quite possible. I’m not too worried though, I pre-ordered it from Amazon and got a $20 gift card for it for that, so basically I paid $40 already.

  • mowmow

    besides uncharted, i’m really interested in the new LoTR’s game and the sonic game looks like its finally going to be fun