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Uncharted 3 Mystery Weapons & Torso Vouchers DLC Revealed |

It all started about a year and a half ago when Naughty Dog and Sony started promoting Uncharted 3. The company gave away promotional items through conventions and expo’s such as PAX EAST, E3, San Diego Comic-Con, PAX PRIME, and until recently New York Comic-Con. Now these promotional items were T-shirts and Voucher codes. Each voucher code had a description describing each as “Mystery Weapon” or “Character Torso”. Early on I long contemplated what these PSN redeem codes would be however now that the game is officially released, the mystery is revealed.

Hardcore Uncharted 3 players paid for around $200 for a set of these codes and a single voucher will run you about $30 in auction sites. Maybe a game of the year edition will be released in the future with all these items? Who knows? We know one thing for sure, these are going to be hard to come by. If you find any pictures or have redeemed similar vouchers, send us a picture and we will add it to this article!

Where did each voucher come from? here’s the list.

Character Torso item
Mystery Weapon #1
Mystery Weapon #2

E3 2011
Character Torso item
Mystery Skinned weapon #3
Mystery Skinned weapon #4

San Diego Comic-Con 2011
Character Torso item #1
Character Torso item #2
Mystery Skinned weapon #5
Mystery Skinned weapon #6

Character Torso
Mystery Skinned weapon #7
Mystery Skinned weapon #8

AMC Uncharted 3 event
Character Torso

New York Comic-Con 2011
Character item torso

  • wolfkin

    hm.. not bad.. nothing I’ll stress over missing but just another expression of people putting way too much money into something that has no value. Noone needs to be /that/ hardcore.

  • love the cc para 9 other than that not much else

  • @wolf apparently there are.

  • mowmow

    wow thats a lot of free codes. I only have 2 or 3 of those redeemed. wish i had them all

  • Oh look, it’s the same UC3 T-Shirt I have! hahaha

  • @mow which ones did you get?

  • mowmow

    @paul i have the cinema event tshirt and the pax east mystery weapon 2

  • WOW $200. I could have or can buy 3 new games with that much money. Who knows even 4. But I have to admit its pretty sick.

  • dragon290513

    wow the digital camo ak47 look great! part of me want these codes to be very limited so they would be actually unique. Another part of me want these to be avaiable on the GOTY edition so i could get my hand on them. Also wonder if theres anyone at the moment have got all these codes @[email protected]

  • I have the AMC code – what’s that look like?

  • o man now that is some cool shit! I have to see wha tcode I got from Tosh now. I hope it’s a gun XD Too bad they could’ve given out a special code for a crazy power gun like a 50% accuracy Kara or something for people who somehow got all the codes XD Still great list for hardcore fans