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Dead Island Winner |

Over all there were 217 entries for our Dead Island giveaway, making that a new record for a giveaway. With a possible 15 enteries, your chances were still pretty good.

Congrats to our winner, Jason, who was randomly selected here. I actually hit the Randomize button 13 times, in honor of Halloween and zombies!! He told me yesterday he was leaving on a trip to CA and wouldn’t have access to the site for a while, so he will be in for a surprise when he returns!

If you like having a “bloody” good time, solid combat, exploring an open world while upgrading and collecting weapons, or just like zombies in general, then Dead Island will keep you entertained for countless hours. Read my full review of Dead Island here.

Also, keep collecting those points, as we have more PSN and Disc based game giveaways coming this month!

  • Congrats big guy, hope you don’t get bit by zombies on your way back from Cali!

  • Congrats Jason! Haven’t you finished this one already? lol

  • congratulations!

  • dragon290513

    congrats man

  • Congrats Jason. you better get that Platinum!

    Contest! I’ll get you next time my pretty!! *flys off on Broom*

  • congrats mate

  • Congrats BRA!

  • Grats!

  • mowmow

    congrats on the win =]