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Amy for the PSN |

This new video footage of Amy, shows the special relationship in the game between Lana, the playable character, and Amy, an 8-year old girl that doesn’t talk. I previewed this game at E3 and was very impressed. You can read my E3 preview and impressions post here.

December 2034. Global warming has taken effect, spreading disease and natural disasters around the world. The small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) has been directly affected by a comet that has come crashing down. When Lana regains consciousness, everything around her is just mayhem. Violent outbursts, fury, rage, wreckage and death: the world she knew seems to have torn to Hell. As if struck by a mysterious virus, most of the ones she knew have now become part of a wild horde.
Despite her wounds, she knows she must run as far as possible to escape this nightmare: the viral process has begun inside her but she refuses to become one of them. The presence of Amy, a strange little girl who seems defenseless, will force her to make choices that will change both their lives. Infected humans, grisly creatures, Special Forces and even other survivors: they will have to trust and help each other to escape their pursuers in their attempt to survive.

Hit the jump for another video.

Amy is coming soon.

  • Keep the videos coming! I don’t need to be convinced about the game (which is a must-buy) but I DO want to learn more and more about it!

  • I agree with EdEN I don’t need any more convincing, this games looks like it will be quite fun to play.

  • I was reading your preview of “I am Alive”. Both games share some common features in terms of the whole survival aspect and protecting a child through their Journey. Have you noticed that developers are leaning into creating an interactive humanized experience lately?

  • dragon290513

    its a bit confusing that the air vent or hole or whatever is large enough for both the girls to crawl through 🙁

  • wolfkin

    THAT is ambitious. this is the first I’m hearing of it and I like what i see.

    I was wondering if there would be an advantage to staying infected and then it shows up in the second video.. cheers to them for that.

  • Was this always slated as a PSN release?