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10 Comments Point Betting System & New Notify Area |

I’ve been working on this for the past couple weeks & now it’s finally ready! It supports betting on 2 – 5 different things. You can bet any amount you’d like as long as it’s between 50 & 1000 points. The more you bet, they more points you get if your bet wins! After you bet it tells you how many points you would win if your bet won. We can have up to 5 different bets running at once if needed! The betting system will track how many points you have bet and how many points you have won back too.

When the winning bet is decided, I just need to select the bet that won and it automatically awards all the points out to the winners and clears the logs so it’s ready for another bet. I can give access to other members to do this if needed.

Here is how the new notify area works. It displays the number of lotteries or bets you have not entered, in the top black menu. In this example there are 2 lotteries & 2 bets available. This user has entered 1 lottery & 1 bet. Leaving 2 that they need to complete. The ones you need to enter are always at the top of the list. When you click the menu item it takes you to the lottery or bet for easy reference.

So what would you like to bet on first?
Let me know in the Point Addicts group.

Side note: The Community has earned 905,434 points together! We got to do something special once we hit 1 million (pinky up) mark! You can see your percentage of all points earned by members by going to your personal points logs. I’m currently sitting at 8.06% myself.

  • lol, I like the Dr Evil allusion. new betting system sounds fun!

  • Nice work Tosh! More and more things are being added to the site and we like it!

    I’m at 3.48% of all points earned. Have to step it up ASAP!

  • Nice betting system now we need to bet on something.

    damn over 900,000 already going to be at 1million in no time

  • well, i guess it’s time to get some more points (or lose them) ;p

    I’m at 2,44% right now ;]

    ps: Tosh, now, when I click my points on the top bar it gives me an option to donate points, was that supposed to happen?

  • I disabled the donate function. Thanks for the reminder. I was updating some plugins today.

  • No problem, I just usually check my point log trough that link and it gave me that option. I was fairly positive that this wasn’t supposed to happen because it was disabled a long time ago.

  • Oly

    hmmm POINTS… who needs em..

    Great work Tosh!

  • Almost donated all my points to Oly to make sure he stayed at #1 forever… and now Tosh has disabled it again!

  • Nice, looks really cool, this should definitely create more bets

  • wolfkin

    it’s kinda scary how if you squint Points Addicts almost looked like ‘Porn Addicts’