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Winter of RPG’s for PSN: Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI |

Via the official Playstation Blog, it has been announced that in the coming weeks we will be endowed with some of the finest RPG’s ever made. Here is what we know.

Chrono Cross – November 8th

Final Fantasy V – November 22nd

Final Fantasy VI – December 6th

  • I’ve never played any of those! I think this will be a great opportunity to at least to try Chrono Cross, since I’ve established I’m not the biggest FF fan.

  • nice finally getting these on psn brilliant rpgs tho havent played chrono cross myself

  • Own them all already in their original format. Actually, don’t get either FF V or VI like this. Loading times are waaaaaaay too long. Pedro, you’re better of getting FF VI on Wii for the original SNES version.

  • Or…get it for the original SNES (which as a side note, my PS3 died before my SNES…booo).

  • mowmow

    Yea I already own them on multiple platforms too, I’m glad more people will be able to play these awesome games, but i hope its not the ffV version that has the glitch

  • Never played FF5 maybe I’ll try it out . Especially with TROPHIES!! Wooo TROPHIES. Hope they don’t censor FF6.