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Hitman: Absolution Gameplay With Directors Commentary |

IO Interactive’s, Christian Elverdam and Tore Blystad, take you behind the scenes of Hitman: Absolution in this 17 minutes gameplay video of the level titled “Run For Your Life”. Team directors explain some of the game’s new features that utilize on IO Interactive’s Glacier 2 engine, such as Instinct, which grants Agent 47 the ability to sense enemies through walls and predict the path they might take.

Hitman: Absolution is the upcoming fifth entry in the Hitman series, developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. The release date has not been confirmed, but we should expect a mid 2012 release.

  • Well, I REALLY liked that. I was partially excited about this game, but this looks like a very good title in the making.

    I think those new features are welcome, I mean, 47 IS the BEST assassin the WORLD so yeah, he must have some instincts.

  • dragon290513

    wasnt this shown on machinima? im not familiar with previous iterations of this game but this trailer is kinda interesting

  • cant wait for this game love other games in the series

  • wolfkin

    walls.. ha any decent video game character can work around walls. For people obsessed with ‘realism’ gamers would go crazy if they were ever restricted by something as mundane as a wall.


    Looking back at some of the features the game will offer, I liked 47’s ability to predict enemies movements, it only would make sense as Pedro mentioned, but I hope that this won’t make the gameplay as such in Batman were you actually stay in that vision mode half of the game, it was efficient, but didn’t give me, personally, the time to admire the game itself and the environment surrounding.

  • @cheeto, i completely agree with you, but from what i could understand the guys were saying those features would be limited depending on difficulty, so i’m guessing playing on hard you might get to do that only every once in a while, while on easy you will be able to use it more often, possibly it will have a counter, or perhaps a “intuition gauge” that gets depleted… who knows!