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PSN System Activation for Game Sharing Going From 5 to 2 PS3’s |

via Adriasang The PS3 activation for game sharing will be going from 5 to 2. They will also be making an online portal so that you can handle your own account rather than calling and getting turned down several times trying to get your dead systems deactivated. This is to go into affect on November 18th and will not affect games already shared.

  • So … you can de-activate your sold/broken PS3’s online now?

  • Eddie

    Not yet, but it seems it will be coming soon.

  • awwww 😐

  • so… what’s going to happen to the reviews?

  • Oly

    LAME! Managing online.. awesome!

  • Oly

    Any game purchased after that can be activated and played on only two systems. Any game purchased before then will continue to have the five system count (in other words, the two system limitation will not apply to purchases made before 11/18).

  • Oly

    We’d like to inform you of some upcoming changes to the usage policies for PlayStation Network game content. As of November 18, 2011, the number of devices that can be activated on one PlayStation Network account for game content purchased from the PlayStation Store will be updated.
    For game content purchased after November 18, 2011, a new policy will apply and the number of devices that can be activated will be as follows:
    PS3: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PS3 systems.
    PSP: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PSP systems.
    Please note that this update will not affect game content purchased before November 18. The PSP rights include PSP-1000/2000/3000 series as well as the PSPgo system.
    PlayStation Network users are able to change the activation setting through each device, and Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.

    From the official blog

  • wolfkin

    ehh.. more attacking the real customers to try to hit the “pirate” customers. This is why DRM that doesn’t cause interference with my life is why Steam is popular. They don’t have asinine computer limitations or deactivation requirements. That’s why I will always buy games on Steam they give me a great experience. 5 is a small number that would cause no headache for anyone 2 on the other hand is too small. that should be fine for most people. The number of people with three PS3 is tiny sure.. but two PS3 houses are fairly not uncommon and heaven forbid something happen to your PS3 and you now have to deactivate it so we’re trusting their website..which technically STILL isn’t back up since the big hack.. it’s the most annoying thing. I win codes and I have to redeem them on my PS3 instead of just going online like I used to. -_-

  • dragon290513

    wow that sucks so hard, on the other hand being able to control your account without having to call is kinda great

  • mowmow

    i’m happy that you can finally manage activations online, but that really sucks that its dropping to two. I was fearing this day would eventually come

  • booo

  • It sucks, big time. THIS is why Sony updated their EULA a couple of weeks ago. They knew this was coming and wanted us all to say we were fine with any chance and wouldn’t sue.

  • Eddie

    It does suck…but completely justifiable. Developers were losing money and it was their #1 complaint about PSN. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost some games to the 360 exclusivily for this reason alone.

    Gamesharing to duck costs was/is rampant.

    I still think 3 is better though.

  • @Eddie true. It’s not unusual to see people selling downloads as well, I’ve seen it many times on “underground” forums. Someone buys the game and then sells access to the account for about 50% of the price 5 times, it’s 150% profit. Ugly stuff. That’s why I understand it as well.

  • WOW so now all my cousins are screwed, I am kind of happy now I don’t have to game share. Sweet.

  • I always wondered why they actually allowed this in the first place. The original PSN message where it notified you that you had 5 downloads actually encouraged something along the lines of sharing with your friends.

  • For the most part, I am ok with this. Down from 5 to 2 sharing only affects me because I and my 2 sons have PS3s and they are both still minors. I would put the games on their systems as well as mine so I didn’t have to worry about arguing. Now, I just have to decide which ones to share where.

    The online deactivation completely makes up for this. I’m at my 5 max because my original 60gb that died and a used one I got to replace it that also got the YLOD are both on the list and I’m maxed out at 5.

    So, if there is something you want to share with more than 2, buy it before the 18th.

  • We’ve been able to fully manage your PSN account and PS3 activation/deactivation ever since Qriocity came out. I was shocked that I was able to completely manage all aspects of my account, media(video, games, music, comics) and many Sony devices(including PSPs and PS3s).

  • mowmow

    @thepunisher actually it just looks like you can manage your accounts on qriocity. When you try to activate or deactivate through qriocity, it just tells you instructions on how to do it on the console.

  • @Delive: The good news is that once you deactivate the two dead systems you can, in theory, activate ALL purchases made before november 18th on up to 5 consoles again. Only purchases made after that day will be affected.

    @Pedro: What will happen to reviews? Good question. Oly and I are figuring that one out.