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Trophy Unlocked: Naughty Dog Got Class |

There has been an ongoing discussion on many forum sites like this one at Neogaf about the wonky controls, dead zones etc of Uncharted 3’s single player game. Right now on Youtube you can find several videos comparing Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.

Essentially the complaint is that there are increased dead zones that disallow you to smoothly transition your aiming on diagonal planes and that there is increased lag as well. These claims are valid and many videos have proved just this.

Naughty Dog at first defended against the claims saying that some tweaks were implemented and that it wasn’t a glitch until they were convinced by passionate gamers to take another look.

In a classy move to fix this debacle, Naughty Dog invited some NeoGaf members to their studio to run some tests on the game. The gamers that attended said that Naughty Dog was very open and concerned about this problem and were dead set on correcting it.

The end result is we will now be receiving a patch that will correct this problem as well as some other tweaks like motion blur issues currently found in the single player campaign.

Without a doubt, Naughty Dog is one of the most respected developers out there and deserve nothing short of praise.


    Good! Hopefully by the time I get my hands on UC3 that patch will be already out and I will get the complete singleplayer experience, glitches-free!

  • wolfkin

    i saw the video. didn’t quite understand it.. but whatever if they fix it that’s cool.. I’ll play a few hours without patching and then patch to see the difference.

  • Haha does this say something about companies pushing developers to release games to early full of glitches? It happened to RAGE, it happened to this, Dead Island. I guess we are just too impatient on making them release games Then again something will always be missed, but I’m glad they’re open about correcting it.

  • I recorded this a couple days ago –

    Ya, aiming does seem a little off. I swear I’m aiming for their head and yet it’s like they never get hit.

  • Does this change aiming in multiplayer as well or is this a strictly singleplayer thing?

  • wolfkin

    it has to be an MP thing as well.. noone would be raising the fuss over a SP only issue. not even on an uncharted game.

  • nice to know that they are making the effort to listen to people and improve the game

  • This is another reason why I love the Naughty Dog … they actually listen and try to fix their game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @cheeto exactly what I was thinking ;] just in time for my turn hehehe

    sometimes, it really pays off to get games a couple months late.

  • Now this is what I wish a lot of Devs would do. They are keep up to the standard they have made. Nothing less. Proud.

  • If they polish up the MP so that it’s more like UC2, I’ll love the game.

  • Eddie

    Polish? I found UC3 multiplayer to be much more fun than UC2 was. I feel they polished it up to the point it is now for the better.

  • I haven’t played the UC3 multiplayer yet, besides the beta, so I’m not sure how that controls, but I beat the single player and while I felt there was a small difference, perhaps a bit of stiffness at times, I never really had any issues, or at least they just never seemed noticeable to me.

    At least they’re doing something to help the gamers. As long as they people find it more enjoyable after the fix.

  • dragon290513

    there are many bugs and glitchs in campaign as well though not game breaking.

    Here is one i recorded with a little cameo from Oly ๐Ÿ˜›