Winner of Cubixx HD Giveaway

Drum roll please….. the winner is @dragon290513. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of competitors he was randomly selected as the winner.

Your code has been PM’ed to you. Congrats @dragon290513

Written by: Kane112 - News Contributor

  1. #1 by Pedro on November 5th, 2011 [ 39949 Points ]

    hahaha congrats buddy!

    i still gotta check this one out.

  2. #2 by Darklurkr23 on November 5th, 2011 [ 30481 Points ]

    Let me guess he was the only Entrant XD

    Have fun fellow Cubix Winner

  3. #3 by Kane112 on November 5th, 2011 [ 35672 Points ]

    lol no no no i said there was hundreds and hundreds or was i just have a lot of double vision

  4. #4 by wolfkin on November 6th, 2011 [ 6633 Points ]

    whew.. that was a tough one dude.. way to pull out the heat dragon..

    I would have entered but i already won a code. Not a bad game.. or it will be “not bad” when I can see the full screen.

  5. #5 by dragon290513 on November 7th, 2011 [ 7218 Points ]

    thanks man, thank you so much :D. Although I feel sad and happy at the same time. Weird.

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