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First Image of Bioware’s New IP Released |

via Game Informer, this is the first image of Bioware’s New IP that will be revealed at the Video Game Awards next month.

I’m not sure what to make of this image but it is pretty fantastic looking as far as the graphics go. Could it be a racing game? or perhaps another post-apocalyptic world? It’s far too early to tell but at least we know it won’t be long.


    First of all, I am glad you found time to post some news since you’ve been tearing down UC3 none stop lol As for the image, reports say that this might be the next action adventure/Uncharted-like blockbuster. I personally thought that Bioware will reveal Dragon Age III, but a new IP is also welcome. We just have to wait till Dec. 10th to find out!

  • Eddie

    lol wait until tomorrow when it is MW3 and then Friday for Skyrim. I’m tearing a lot of games up 😛

  • My whole friends was full of “Uncharted 3” hahaha.

  • This looks like Uncharted meets Borderlands.

    man… i want skyrim.

  • dragon290513

    hmmm something about a post pocalyptic wasteland?

  • Getting a Motorstorm vibe from that image.

  • Oly

    Hmm.. BordeRage maybe?

  • Maybe it’s a puzzle game!

  • dragon290513

    That would be mind-bending =)