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The World of Skyrim from Bethesda |

This new video offers a sneak peek at the majestic world and colorful characters you’ll find while exploring in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

11/11/11 will be here in less than three days!! I can’t wait.

  • I can’t wait for Skyrim either, I just hope it won’t be too long before I get my copy!

  • what a awesome release date !!!

  • dragon290513

    You have the game already dont you oly?

  • mowmow

    another huge game that might take me a few months or years to get through. Still release is near =D

  • Oly

    dragon290513: You have the game already dont you oly?  

    No actually I don’t, you probably saw the pic I used to screw with Eddie.. he was already jealous I got UC3 a week early and MW3 a day early, so I thought I’d try and make him lose it lol…
    He said he was going to shoot me in the face..

  • dragon290513

    Be careful, screw with him often enough and one day he might actually lose it =).

    I saw a guy on xbox 360 got it like a week or two back. He review for some xbox fansite or something.

  • Oly

    lol.. Ya reviewers got it a week early, there were also copies for sale on ebay.. so it’s out there..