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Winners Of The Halloween Costume / Pumpkin Contest [Update] |

Part of the instructions when submitting a photo was to include a sign with written on it. I think next time we should write the year on there as well. Anyway the winners of the contest after the break!

Costume Winners

Pedro – 1st Prize – $20 PSN Card + 2000 Points
EdEN – 2nd Prize – 1500 Points
jamisonfitz – 3rd Prize – 1000 Points
Tosh – 4th Prize – 500 Points
Paul Fierce – 5th Prize – 500 Points
Ace – 6th Prize – 250 Points

Pumpkin Winners

jamisonfitz – 1st Prize – $20 PSN Card + 2000 Points
Kane112 – 2nd Prize – 1500 Points
Foobear408 – 3rd Prize – 1000 Points
Jason – 4th Prize – 500 Points

[Update] Pedro actually won 1st place for the costume contest with his photo of his girlfriend holding a photo of him up. Since they live in separate continents that was the only way he could do it and it did have a sign on it. His other photo was just for fun.

  • Recount, recount, recount! Hahaha.


    congrats Pedro’s GF holding a picture of Pedro and a sign of!

  • congratulations, cats!

  • Pedro was smart about that…

  • Oly

    Next time I’m having a playmate hold a pic of me lol

  • Oh yeah!

    Skyrim DLC #1 secured!

    Thanks everyone, and I’ll be posting a thank you photo ;p

  • haha damn right i demand a recount. oh well congrats to the first place winners

  • Hell I was just gonna throw a sheet over me and be “Crappy Ghost” for 250 points (>>) But the damn power went out and COULDN”T!! AHHHH

    Congrats Pedro you sonavabitch!

  • dragon290513

    Congrats guys! Damn i wished i have throwed something up for a costume here. Did a werewolf last year 🙁