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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector’s Edition Announced |

Final Fantasy fans, rejoice! A new entry in the series is just around the corner (a corner guarded by old father time so baby new year doesn’t show up early for the party) and Square Enix has finally realized that while a regular retail release of Final Fantasy XIII was something we tolerated last time… this time we DEMAND a Collector’s Edition for the direct sequel. Turns out our demands have been taken into consideration and we now can look forward to an awesome Collector’s Edition for FF XIII-2.

The Box and 4 CD Soundtrack are definitely worth the extra $20 (but I would like it if the artbook was at least 40 pages long instead of 20). Now, when you pre-order you can get different extras to go along with this (as is becoming the norm) and so far the best option is Best Buy since you get a free copy of the FF XIII HC Novel that helps bridge the story between FFXIII and FFXIII-2.

  • Ohh man,Please tell me this is for America and not the Europe collectors edition so I can finally pre-order it and not have to import!!!.

  • @Hestar: Indeed this is the US Collector’s Edition! Europe is getting something slightly different from this but overall it’s the same content.

    You can pre-order from Gamestop or Amazon for an extra boss battle or a different skin for Serah OR from Best Buy for a Hardcover FFXIII Novel.

  • Nice CE, wish I knew more about about FF, than I might be more interested.

  • @Pedro: A $50 Nintendo Points Card for the Wii will take care of that so you can download Final Fantasy for the NES and Final Fantasy IV and VI for the SNES. Then you can download FF IV: The After Years on Wiiware to get a new adventure set in the FF IV universe and you can buy the rest of the chapters as DLC since the base game is only $8 and extra chapters are $3. Should you fall in love with FF, there’s also My Life as a King and My Life as a Darklord on Wiiware. First one is a sim-strategy game, second one is a tower defense game (literally).

    After ALL of that, then you can go ahead and get FF VII-IX on the PSN Store and hope that FF X, X-2 and XII get an HD collection soon before going for XIII and XIII-3.

    Lots of games to play!

  • Oly

    OMG EDEN! u are insane! lol

  • mowmow

    i was going to wait for this game to go on sale, but now that i know that the CE is coming out in US it’s a release day buy now

  • @Pedro: You should read reviews of FF13. It’s an RPG, but a strangely limiting and linear one. I played through it, and after several hours of suffering, I finally understood the attraction of the game. But I still wouldn’t call it a great game. I’m not sure that you’d especially care for it. Also, by the by, FF hardcore fans practically universally panned FF13 as a wanna-be western-style hybrid RPG abomination.

  • dragon290513

    nice edition! but im not much a final fantasy fan

  • @Eden @premiersoupir Thanks for the tips guys! I don’t think I’m willing to play all those games just to catch up. I’ve tried to enjoy FF a few times, but the only ones I liked were FF Tactics on the PSX and GBA, the other ones never really interested me much.

    I’m not familiar with the lore, I don’t get many of the systems used and turn based games are cool to an extent. Nowadays it really isn’t what I’m looking for, I’ll take my RPGs streamlined (not simple or easy though) like Dark Souls or Skyrim.

  • meh hated XIII the last few FF have been a disappointment to me