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Jak & Daxter HD Collection ( Finally ) Confirmed |

After being leaked by ratings agencies and retailers Sony has made it official; a Jak & Daxter HD Collection is in the works. Sony Computer Entertainment ( SCEA ) released a statement to IGN yesterday confirming the collection is coming but didn’t offer any other details. The Jak & Daxter HD Collection is expected to include Jak 1, Jak 2 and Jak 3, the first three games originally released on the PlayStation 2 and developed by Naughty Dog.

  • Well I personally won’t be rebuying this for trophies (GASP!) I played the orginal 3. They’re not that bad. #2 is ALOT of Go here do this, go here do this, like I know games are like that but it’s just like ridiculous amount with no real feeling. But #3 is rather run especially with the driving part. All and all if you haven’t played all 3 games I’d recommend a USed Purchase or Rental.


    Man .. I am a little disappointed. As much as I love Jak & Daxter, an HD remake isn’t exactly my cup of tea, add to that that I’ve already played the series during the PS2 golden era. Hopefully Naughty Dog will take sometime off UC and start working on a new installment. I think Sony will wait for Ratchet and Clank sales numbers first before considering the possibility of a new Jak and Daxter release.

  • Never played any of these games, wasn’t a PS2 owner. Not sure if I’ll get this as well, not to fond of the whole “HD remake” tendency going on.

  • only ever played the first one and loved it may pick this up when it goes on sale at some point

  • dragon290513

    nice! maybe they will announce a PS3 Jax & Daxter title soon!

  • I know that some of my friends will be happy about this. Really hope this comes out soon.

  • I love Jak and Daxter (the first three that is). J/D2 was one of the first games where I felt the sequel really broke from tradition and created an entirely new game.

    My real excitement for this is hoping that it means an actual legitimate 4th title in the series is under works. I hated the PSP game that was made.

  • I never did play any of the 3 Jak and Daxter games so this is a good thing for me then. I want more HD remakes/collections! 🙂

  • honestly other than the ico/shadow, god of war hd remakes and mgs, i have never played those other collections. So a collection like Jak Daxter, dmc, prince of persia and tomb raider all seem like awesome chances to try them out to me.

  • Jak and Daxter was amazing on PS2. One of the only PS3 games where I can close my eyes and imagine just about any part in any of the three games, that’s how memorable they are.