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MW3 Epic Fail |

Adam freeman is an avid Call of duty player and never expected to be facing a gun in real life tuesday morning when he drove home with his copy of MW3.

Here are a few quotes from this guy’s interview. I have to admit he is not the smartest guy putting his life on the line for a video game.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had any kind of weapon pointed at me,”

“Guy jumped out at me with a 40-caliber pistol,”

“I struggled with him for about 20 seconds or so, trying to get the gun out of his hand,”

The would be robber is expected to get 18yrs behind bars. Did this guy do the right thing by standing up to his would be robber? Are you as shocked as I am how stupid this guy is for trying to keep his game?


  • idiot. NEVER react to a robbery, NEVER!

    I once had three .38 calibers pointed at my face just for a stupid cell phone, was one of the worst things that ever happened to me.


    Here is the obvious conversation that I would have with that robber:
    Robber: giv…
    Me: here is my fail copy of MW3 along with my overpriced 2 years Elite subscription! would you like my handmade customize MW3 controller?
    Robber: !

  • lol damn what an idiot why risk your life for any video game

  • Imagine what jail’s gonna be like for this kids is going to be like.

    Convict: So, what you in for?

    Robber: I SO wanted to play MW3. I tried robbing this kid of his game at gunpoint.

    Convict: *looks around and shouts to his friends* – Hey guys, guess what, we got ourselves a stupid here. I’m having first dibs on him tonight!

    Robber: !?!?!?!

    Convict: Don’t worry, well go gentle on you!

  • dragon290513

    of all the thing you can take and you choose a $60 video game. Seriously!

  • wolfkin

    yep. stupid guy does stupid things. got lucky. just one of MANY reasons why you never buy games on release day. there’s absolutely zero benefit. and honestly a cooldown week give you so much more.

  • Well hell with 18 years behind bars the guy will have plenty of time to triple platinum prestige or whatever the hell it’s called.