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[Update x3] Moving To A New Server! |

As you may have noticed for the past couple weeks. The site has gone down off and on and you got greeted with a error message from CloudFlare.

This has NOTHING to do with CloudFlare. Even if I disabled it you would just get a different error message. Thank you all for being patient lately.

It’s the current shared hosting not being able to handle us during peak times. So, it’s time for us to upgrade to a VPS server!

I’ll put up a “Site Under Maintenance” screen when the move is in the final stages. Which will happen late tonight most likely.

[Update] If you can see this image & this image then your on the new server! If not, try flushing your DNS and clearing your cache and try again. There is still a lot of tweaking I need to do on the new server to get it running smoothly though.

[Update x2] I’m still trying to tweak setting to get everything running smoothly. I might even have to upgrade to the next level VPS .. 🙁

[Update x3] Chat is disabled for now.

  • Best news! This was getting really annoying!

    Great work Tosh!

    People, buy stuff from the blog store so we can keep this service! ;p

  • Ya, I’m excited to get the move over with.

  • That’s great news! Shows PS3Blog has come a long way with visits taking the site out at peak times.

  • @Madagasca: Must be this fellow EdEN I see so much of lately.

    Glad to see the switch will take place soon! I’ll get up to speed on all my reviews since it WAS getting a bit annoying with all the “Site isn’t here FOOL!” problems hahaha.

  • Can’t wait for this! This is awesome news.

  • hooray! great news!

  • jamisonfitz

    Awesome news, Glad its getting moved, i had to tweak a userscript that refreshes if the page title is ‘Website is currently unreachable’. This will defiantly make for a more enjoyable visit for everyone im sure.

  • jamisonfitz

    Funny enough, i modified the same script to accommodate COD:Elite since the server there goes up and down right now…

  • mowmow

    this is great news. no more of that dumb error

  • Niiiice!
    Just being curious, how many people visit the site everyday ? 🙂

  • nice brill news there


    We are expanding! The community is getting bigger, next step probably a more attractive interface? Hmm, just a thought!

  • ye the website is backup

  • Horray! I’m on the new server!

  • Cheeto: We are expanding! The community is getting bigger, next step probably a more attractive interface? Hmm, just a thought!  

    Ya, a new theme is something I want to update for sure. It’s coming, just not sure when yet.

  • dragon290513

    it is still a bit choppy but definitely better than before 😀

  • dragon290513: it is still a bit choppy but definitely better than before :D   

    Like I said in the post. I will take some tweaking and what not to get it running smoothly.

  • I design themes in exchange for EdEN’s points. Think about it…

    So far so good though. Hopefully this fixes some of the issues.

  • wolfkin

    i’m switched.. glad to hear it.

  • @Everyone:

    With the holidays just around the corner and all the gifts you’ll be buying we only ask one thing: please use our Amazon store when possible! This will help offset the month to month cost of the new server and will allow us to continue to provide you with great content and giveaways within a working site!

  • Ya, going to have to upgrade to a level 4 VPS .. sigh.

  • dragon290513

    hey tosh could you move the sharing parts (facebook, twitter, chrome) and rating of each post into their own page instead of showing them all on the front? I think it is a bit redundant since why would you share or rate something if you havent read it yet?

    And 5 last thingy instead of 10 is great IMO.

  • It was only for one month (two) because it was a double month to get people points for all the giveaways.

  • dragon290513

    no i meant the last 5 comments and last 5 blog posts

  • Ah, my mistake! I hadn’t even noticed that.

  • Great news the site is more stable! Bad news – I lost the 1st 10 listens for 150 points on the podcast ! 🙁 Seriously though great idea.

  • dragon290513

    i dare suggest one more thing. On the home page with the preview of each posts, maybe you could leave it so that only the first paragraph is shown? Want to know more click on the link! Otherwise there are plenty of posts which are rather short and you can already see all of the content without clicking.

  • @dragon290513: Most post are long enough for their own page and that’s why the “red more is there. For shorter but important posts I usually do an intro paragraph and leave the videos/extra pics out of the main page to not eat up resources.

  • Jay

    can’t wait until all the issues are ironed out 🙂