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Resistance 3 Upcoming Patch 1.05 |

Insomniac Games have announced an upcoming huge patch for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Resistance 3. The upcoming patch 1.05 will introduce some tweaks, fixes and two free new multiplayer maps: Creek and Granary. Here are the highlights of the patch:

– Several performance updates to fix network lag
– Improved team balancing
– All equipment and abilities are now purchasable at level 60
– Leaper Corpse will now spawn fewer leapers
– Improved the Move’s aim mechanic

For more details on the upcoming patch, visit this link.

  • Too little, too late. The community for this is already rather dead. I often see the exact same people in match after match.

  • The game is dead, as a hardcore fan, I quit, Resistance 3 killed the franchise for me. Even the story, this patch will do no good. At least R2 lasted a whole year because it was actually fun. Plus with BF3 and MW3 and UC3 releasing it wasn’t going to survive.


    I think that I had enough of the multiplayer during the Beta phase. The campaign on the other hand was spectacular. The story, the characters the atmosphere were all thoughtful. It wasn’t a big campaign, but it surly brought closure to an elite PS3 exclusive. I am glad for the fact that Insomniac still released this patch despite the lack of attendance in their servers. They are truly a first class developers.

  • The MP just wasn’t good in this game, which was a huge shame. The single player was decent (aside from only being a few hours long), the MP was awful.

  • never tried the mp for this, played through the campaign in a couple of days and enjoyed it.

    it’s a shame the community is already dead for it, i kind of liked what they did with free maps and stuff…

  • dragon290513

    thats dissapointing but yeah its not easy to compete with big names in multiplayer, not in this season at least

  • Wait Resistance 3 is dead ALREADY? didn’t it just come out like in what august or something? Why did it even have a beta if it was going to be this short a run? I better do a gamestop rental to get my beta-unlock and global resistance unlock crap before they expire (>>)