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This new server is costing me 8 times what it used to and I might have to spend a little more if I can’t get things running smoothly. So how can you help? Well you can:

  • Turn off ad-blockers on I promise there are no ads with sounds in them.
  • If you buy anything off Amazon. Buy it off our Amazon store.
    • If you have Amazon bookmarked, change the bookmark url to this.
  • Buy T-Shirts off our store.
  • Visit the site often and stay active.
  • Tell your friends to join and help promote the site.
    • Use the tweet, facebook like & google +1 buttons
  • Listen to the PS3BlogCast and rate it us on iTunes.
  • If you really want to donate money you can go to the Store and there is a donate tab.
  • Keep being awesome!

This really has been the best community I’ve ever been a part of and it’s exciting to know that we have visitors from all over the globe coming to! We have come a long way in the past couple years and it will only get better I assure you.

  • idea:

    maybe some sort of icon like the Playstation Plus yellow cross that shows that we’ve donated?

    incentives are always really cool.

    and for the record – I promote the hell out of this website and always tell all my my chucklehead friends about it.

  • That link for Amazon is a lot better tosh, much easier to navigate.

    I’ll keep purchasing all kinds of stuff!

  • Eddie

    Can’t use copyrighted images FooBear. Good idea just wouldn’t be officially allowed to use it.

  • dragon290513

    maybe something similar, not copyright breaking?

    Also your site has been whitelisted in my adblock plus πŸ˜›

    Done most of the stuff listed above but the shirt is kinda overpriced πŸ™ (though i know its not cheap to produce a limited amount of…shirts)

  • dragon290513

    btw now that i have used to the chat box, the site seems…abandoned without it :(. Maybe we can use a third party chat client built-in?

  • I think perhaps you should move the Amazon link to more obvious location. I had no idea that was even there until this post.

  • @Isli: But it says store right there on the tab!

  • Well I didn’t even know you guys had an Amazon linked store (>>) Shared all the links. Love this site would hate it to die! Maybe I’ll get a bumper sticker tonight with that veteran deal πŸ˜€

  • I know, but I always assumed it was a site store for buying shirts, etc. I never knew it linked to amazon-which I use quite frequently.

  • Great! Now Isli will yake care of all costs!

  • what happen to the chat??

  • wolfkin

    thanks for the reminded. I often white list sites I like on Ad-Block but I forgot my whitelist was lost when my normal flash drive got corrupted. I gotta recreate it on the fly all over again.

  • Chat is removed for now. Trying to optimize the site as much as I can.

  • ye it is weird not having the chat for now, was one of the main reasons i got involved with this site. Ye amazon like is great makes it a lot easier for people

  • Will the chat be back? All the more reason to help out!

    I haven’t been able to chat often (on the lobby) since work has been hectic lately, buy I really enjoy private chat. Makes the community what it is.

  • Yes, the chat will return.

  • I always have the ad blockers off for this site. Will use your Amazon link then when I buy stuff and will keep visiting and staying active. πŸ™‚

  • i’ll probably be using the amazon link, since its about black friday time. =]

  • Eddie

    I’m missing the recent forum post section.

  • @Eddie, yeah, me too actually. It keeps older posts alive for longer, otherwise people only care about the latest news.

    We should have something on the top of the front page showing the last 5 posts at the same time (not like we have today), I think that would make people read more posts, therefore keeping the site more active, lately we’ve been getting an average 10 comments per post, which really isn’t much, giving how many active members we have today.

  • dragon290513

    maybe keep them all in tabs… that would make the interface look nicer IMO