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European Fans: Limited Time Discount on Bloodrayne Betrayal! |

Just because Halloween has passed doesn’t mean the dhampir goodness needs to end! The critically-acclaimed BloodRayne: Betrayal is getting a temporary price reduction on the PlayStation Network in Europe. Now, the blood-sucking, vampire-decapitating 2D action will be available for 20% off between November 16 and November 30! Taking the role of everyone’s favorite sexy half-human, half-vampire has never been a better deal.

Here’s our review of the game in case you’re wondering how fast you should jump at this great opportunity!

  • Yesterday I went to rent a movie and I saw a Bloodrayne movie (third one on the franchise actually), I didn’t get it though, looked bad.

  • If it has the Uwe Boll seal of approval… then it’s a bad, bad movie!


    lol I was gonna make a comment about not winning the game, but I am gonna wait till Oly work his magic. Wait … I think I just did lol

  • dragon290513

    hmmm similar to the plus discount eh?