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NINJA GAIDEN 3 Screens |

Team NINJA Studio has released some new screens from the upcoming NINJA GAIDEN 3, and they look great. I’m really looking forward to see more of Dubai, the most modern city in the world.

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Returning to the series’ beloved story of the Japanese dark hero, Ryu Hayabusa, Team NINJA infuses the same level of intense swordsmanship and a hardcore fighting skill set with a new deep story developed by famed writer Masato Kato.

Ryu Hayabusa remains the ultimate ninja but in this upcoming installment, players will feel immersed in a new experience as the man, the human being, behind the mask. Bringing new depth and dimension to this mysterious character, in a new direction for this NINJA GAIDEN installment, Team NINJA delivers fans a more personal connection to Ryu Hayabusa.

Each one of his enemies is not just an anonymous enemy, but a living soul who writhes in pain as Hayabusa tears them apart. In the past, Hayabusa did not hesitate to kill in order to complete his mission. In NINJA GAIDEN 3, players have the option to spare the lives of some enemies when they beg for mercy. Hayabusa is not just a killing machine but instead, a living breathing human soul underneath the mask – who must think not only with his swords, but also with his heart and mind. However, Hayabusa must also make the difficult decision – to kill; this is what it means to be a true dark hero.

In these screens, Hayabusa is transported to the expansive modern city of Dubai. Challenged with all new enemies such as the Alchemist Forces, faced with traps and new threats, Hayabusa must adapt quickly. As his cursed arm inflicts unbearable pain and suffering the more he kills, he must continue to fight for his life and complete his mission.

NINJA GAIDEN 3 will be available for the PlayStation 3 in early 2012.

Source: Press Release

  • Getting it on Wii U.

  • Meh, Dubai is overrated anyways… I’d get it on the Wii U as well, but honestly, I wouldn’t get it.


    Hmm guy in the main post’s picture looks like the apprentice from the Force Unleashed!

  • i’ve beaten the first two ninja gaiden games on ps3, so this one i’ll end up picking up as well.

  • So much work to platinum, but fun.. kinda

  • Demon’s and Dark Souls are nice training for the Ninja Gaiden PS3 trophy runs hahaha.

  • dragon290513

    thats lots of blood. Suprised a female character wasnt sexed up. yet.

  • I miss the old school ninja gaiden games for the NES, I wish Nintendo do a classic 2D game of ninja gaiden like the did with donkey kong returns, super mario wii, they can call it ninja gaiden 4 picks up were ninja gaiden 3 left off form the NES back in 91 cause it did end if I remember right were they could have made a part 4, I dont thank the new ones for ps3 and 360 or the same story, but correct me if Iam wrong.

  • dragon290513

    i think you can get Shinobido on the 3DS for that?

  • i think you can get Shinobido on the 3DS for that?

    Yes but Shinobido is nothing like ninja gaiden dont get me wrong I like the newer ninja gaiden games, but I would like to see them make one more 2D game of ninja gaiden.