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Poll Results and New Poll: Are You Satisfied with the XMB? |

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First of all, I apologize for the length of this poll, as it has been running since September 21st. As for the results, despite being up for that long, we only had 163 votes. Don’t forget, voting gets you a quick, easy 5 points! Anyway, it seems most peoples’ PSN purchases are determined by the price. Following behind that is a need for a quality demo, which is something I would agree with.

All of the Above comes in at third, which is a bit surprising, since there are probably very few games that meet all the other choices. 11 people also asked why we still had that option. I’m inclined to agree, so we’ll try to stop using it as an option. There should always be one factor that sticks out for you over every other one. That doesn’t mean other factors can’t help you make the decision, of course.

Anyway, there were a few that were also not interested in PSN purchases at all, with even fewer purchasing based on a favorite developer or publisher behind a title.

[tab:New Poll]
A lot of the poll ideas, I think at this point, are pretty outdated. Although this poll is about a month old, it is generally relevant over a longer period of time. Anyway, the idea comes from CHEETO, who will receive 200 points for his submission. I will also reward 100 points each to the people who submitted poll ideas between the last one and the current one since I was never able to get around to starting a new poll.

Anyway, Cheeto asks us, since the 360 received a Dashboard update last month, are you satisfied with the looks of the XMB, or do you think it’s up for a long-overdue redesign? You can either vote here, or at the lower end of the sidebar.

  • I’m OK with it, but at the same time I don’t care.

    It’s easy enough, so I can do whatever I need to without too much work, but I don’t use that many functions so…

  • I love the XMB… its sleek, works great and is well designed!
    Don’t change it!!!!!!!!!!

    If they move to the bubbles like the PS Vita, it would destroy my world.

  • I love the XMB too. Simple but effective.

    If they move to the bubbles like the PS Vita, it would destroy my world.


  • dragon290513

    it definitely has room for improvement but im against changing to something else completely different


    First thought that came to my mind when I purchased my PS3 was: what is up with the dashboard? Overtime I got used to it, and better started to like it. The thing is, people love change. They are always eager to try something new, for better or worst. I personally would like to see some changes in terms of the overall design. The 360 dashboard might not be as efficient as the XMB, but the lack of efficiency is greeted with a more dynamic design. Surfing through menus is eye pleasing, not plain text-based. Also we could use an option for syncing those trophies, its 2011 for crying out loud! I voted new, for bad or good! lol

  • hahaha XD I should’ve made a “Why is the Poll still going on” button That’s really rich who came up with that why the all above. Yea seriously though I had to say Quality Demo. Again I’ll try to win any game for free cause you know even if I hate it it’s free. But I’d rather pay 15.00 for a great game then 2.99 for Picture Extraveganza!!!

    Also still really pissed that PS doesn’t have cross-game chat. That is where Xbox just blows away PS.

  • It’s perfect as it is, The fact it hasn’t been revised since it was released tells you all you need to know.

  • I love the XMB. I think it’s incredibly simple-perhaps too much so, but I wouldn’t change much of it. I hate how clustered the Xbox XMB is.

  • XMB works. Never had a problem with it.

    Now, the chart? It’s showing up waaaaay small and I reload and reload and it shows up at the same size again hahaha.

  • Jay

    Now, the chart? It’s showing up waaaaay small and I reload and reload and it shows up at the same size again hahaha.

    are you only right clicking on the chart itself and selecting to reload just that frame, or are you trying to reload the page?

    EDIT: reformatted. Let me know if it works better now

  • @Jay it’s working better for me now.

  • i love the xmb simple and effective

  • I like the XMB because it is simple. I am not going to say it is the best in the world though.

  • the xmb is fine atm i guess since it works. But i would like to see improvements.

  • xmb is good and simple