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Metal Gear Solid 5 Officially Confirmed, Details Soon |

If you read our QuickNews post yesterday, you would know about the shuffling of producers that the spin-off Metal Gear Solid title, Rising, is going through, leaving some of us with a questionable view of said title now.

But don’t fret! Hideo Kojima has said to expect details for both Rising, and the newly confirmed Metal Gear Solid 5, possibly as early as the end of the month. No official word on whether or not Kojima-san will be producing MGS5, as he previously said he was done with Metal Gear Solid (though he’s said that more than once), but don’t be surprised if he will be.

It will be interesting to see where this series goes now, since MGS4 kind of left no room for a true sequel. Maybe it’s a modern take on the original Metal Gear titles? I guess we’ll find out later this month!



    Kojima is featured on next month issue of PSM, he will probably reveal more on this subject!

  • This is a game worth waiting for. MGS is a great franchise.

  • wolfkin

    hmm.. no room for sequels.. what to do.. what to do… REBOOT!!

  • I’m always up for another MGS game if Hideo Kojima San is in charge!

    Would love to see a updated Metal Gear Online as well. But be able to download it from the store.

  • cant bloody wait to hear more information on this

  • since snake’s saga seems to be over, i wonder who will be the new lead

  • dragon290513

    Solid means that it would continue to feauture solid snake as main protagonist. Otherwise whats the point of using that title?

  • Wait I thought Metal Gear Rising was Metal Gear Solid 5? Or am I confusing crap.

    I got it! Maybe this one is Sunny becomes what Otacon and Olga feared – WEAPON XD!!!


  • I might be in the minority here, but I feel this series is going on too long with spin offs and Kojima repeatedly saying “this is the last one”.

  • dragon290513

    there arent that many spin-off…

  • Jay

    I might be in the minority here, but I feel this series is going on too long with spin offs and Kojima repeatedly saying “this is the last one”.

    personally, I think the games are good enough for that not to be a concern. The only real problem is where the series can take place now. The future is out of the question (as that would really require a whole new storyline now), so it would have to be somewhere in the past.

    I still think the most likely scenario is the time period in which the old Metal Gear games took place, where Solid Snake makes his debut in Outer Heaven as a FOXHOUND member. Not the first MGS, of course (in case anyone reading this wasn’t aware of the old MG games).

  • be curious if they redid the original ones

  • hmmm there is one question thats been really annoying me about mgs series and that is who is the real eva? wonder if maybe this game revolves around him somehow

  • @Kane112 you just have the one question about MGS? Your understanding is A LOT better than mine lol

  • haha not really though thats been annoying me recently since i finished mgs3 last week