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Free Points Saturday | November 19th |

Saturday once again! This time, I am doing this a bit earlier for those who may not be able to get onto our site later at night (such as for our fans across the pond). I tried to make this one something to search for as opposed to some trivia. Just follow the clues! Once again, the first 10 people get 150 points!

A good place to start for information
Hint 1: Search the “Community Info” page
Hint 2: Check the Calendar
Hint 3: Visit the Store Tab
Hint 4: “Be sure to read our first review!”

This is a scavenger hunt, so you’ll need to go to the correct places to find the next clue! The answer is one word.

[question answer=”Jericho” option=”freepoints” limit=”10″]

  • Sigh, i always do terribly on these, i never get to the next step

  • dragon290513

    the 2nd hint is to vague >.<

  • dragon290513


  • i’m tapping for now. normally good at this sort of thing, however can’t get past the third clue.

  • dragon290513

    yeah, I do but then what?

  • i’m stuck on a clue as well. this one’s tough

  • Jay

    lol, each clue gets harder to find. Some are quite well hidden on certain pages. There are 4 in all (technically 5 with the last one telling you what you need to use for the answer)

  • dragon290513

    so only 1 clue left? good to know

  • I liked this one-nice to have something different. I think the clues are a good difficulty-took me about 20 minutes to find them all. If you’re having trouble, take the time to actually read things instead of skimming.

  • Also-I’m curious what made you use that word for the final answer?

  • Got it stopped and came back to it. Made everything much clearer.

  • Jay

    Also-Iā€™m curious what made you use that word for the final answer?

    no particular reason. Was just looking for something that wouldn’t take ages to find lol

  • i came back to it after taking a long break from looking and i finally got it.

  • Oly

    think im stuck on 4..

  • Oly

    actually on 3 lol

  • dragon290513

    Welcome to the club =)

  • Oly

    woohoo got it! Thanks for the fun Jay!

  • dragon290513

    not again >.<

  • lol oly quit being a point whore. think im stuck on like number 3

  • He has to be a point whore. He’s only #2.

  • haha didnt notice he moved back down

  • I don’t even know what the 1st clue is? I tried 9 things I can think of that I personally go to for Information, none worked : I’m going to love what this is.

  • Oly

    how’d tosh pass me up again!?!?!?!?!

  • dragon290513

    Finally got it! phew! Though the last few clues are quite obscure (for me). Thanks for all the fun and (mostly) frustration you gave me today. =)

  • @Oly: Tosh just occasionally gives himself *just* enough points to pass you up.

  • haha thats what it seems bet he does it just to annoy oly

  • Either that or he secretly takes Oly’s points away.

  • You won your UFC bet Oly, so your #1 … for now.

  • Oly

    Woohoo.. thankyou Dan Henderson!! What an awesome fight btw!

    Oly (75916 Points)
    Tosh (75494 Points)

    I gotta get busy, you’ll pass me again in no time!

  • wooo i won as well nice didnt even know who those guys are

  • Well what the hell is the source of information?

    I tried


    What da fAK was it!

  • O wait duh

    Well what the hell is the source of information?I triedBook
    TwitterWhat da fAK was it!

    O wait duh it’s in red. Again I say we should have an Edit button on the site.

  • Nooo. I read the “be sure to read our first review” on the store tab and made nothing of it, i was sure the calendar clue would take me to the store.

  • haha i passed that clue up myself a few time thinking it was something to do with amazon

  • yea that was the same part that i was stuck. at the store. I passed it over too thinking the hint would be italicized or in a different color. Good thing i went through and re-read everything

  • Jay

    sounds like this scavenger hunt was successful on my part rofl

  • ops, lost the chance again, well… who needs points anyway?

    Skyrim wasn’t going to play itself on the weekend.