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Blu-ray Releases For The Week Of 11.21.11 | Tekken Hybrid |

You can pick up TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance this week. Which I got to see in theaters and I really enjoyed it. Even my wife did! So if your a Tekken fan be sure to pick up Tekken Hybrid. It comes with the movie, Tekken Tag HD and a playable preview of Tekken Tag 2! So I’ll be picking this up eventually, just low on funds with the server move among other things. I wanted to see Super 8, but never got around to it. I heard a lot of people like it though. Anything interest you this week?

Highlights for this week: Tekken Hybrid, Super 8, Conan the Barbarian, Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series, Three Amigos, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special, Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World, Fairy Tail: Part 1, 12 Angry Men (The Criterion Collection), Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Special Edition, Rushmore (Criterion Collection), Nova: Fabric of the Cosmos.


  1. I have to check out Super 8 and I’ll eventually watch Conan, but nothing worth purchasing.

  2. Mmm, will check store credit left because the CE for Tekken Hybrid might be something I’d want to add to my collection.

  3. Gonna rent Conan.. but I’m buying Super 8.. Wife and kids want to see it again..

  4. Yea I was wondering what Super 8 was about. Must be why no one talked about it. A movie trailer where you don’t know what the movie is going to be about = Bad Movie imo

  5. dragon290513

    tekken hybrid looks tempting

  6. Hmm…still undecided if I’ll pick up Tekken Hybrid. Really wish they added a couple more playable characters in the TTT 2 demo. I’m no Alisa fan or Devil Jin/Kaz either.

  7. wouldnt mind picking up tekken myself. conan was ok deff worth a rent

  8. Ya, I’m not a Xiayou or Alisa fan … should have added Jin & Kazuya as well.

  9. super 8 rocked, i really enjoyed it, and will be picking it up once it drops below 10$

  10. Tekken Hybrid OMG i need it.

  11. Super 8 was very entertaining, it was one of my fav. of 2011 so far.

  12. Gonna rent Conan.. but I’m buying Super 8.. Wife and kids want to see it again..

    That was a great movie, it definitely was not exactly what i was expecting, but it was still magical

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