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FINAL FANTASY V is Now Available on the PSN |

Square Enix’s widely-acclaimed FINAL FANTASY V role-playing game is now available for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the PSP system via the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

“Originally released in Japan in 1992, FINAL FANTASY V would not be published in North America until 1999 as part of the FINAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY on the PlayStation. Now the hugely popular and critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY V returns, allowing players to indulge in a true gaming classic at home and on the move.”

Source:Press Release


  1. I’m assuming PS Classics? You know I wonder why they don’t just release the FF full collection w/ all original 1-6 😛 Good news though, still haven’t played 1-5 yet.

  2. Someday I’ll endure all FF games… someday..

  3. Well, it will be available once the store updates hehehe.

    @Pedro: Start with FF I on the Wii Virtual Console!

  4. With this release, is it possible to get all the games on Sony systems now?

  5. not as good as VI or IV but this game was still very fun with all the job customization. I would recommend it =D

  6. great game glad to see it on psn

  7. @Isli: Nope. FF 3 would still be missing. Wait, actually, only IV-IX are available on PSN. Or did they release I and II after splitting the content on the PSX disc?

  8. @EdEN: Well I mean on all Sony systems. I and II are on the PSP, and X-XIII were all on PS2 or PS3. Is III really not available on any Sony system? That’s kinda surprising. Anyways, I suppose you know where to go if you like Final Fantasy.

  9. wolfkin

    got it on some Nintendo system.. i think GBA.

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