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PS3 5th Anniversary: Share Your Memorable Gaming Moments! |

Howdy fellow PlayStation gamers. The month of November marks the fifth anniversary of Sony’s PlayStation 3,only in North America and Japan. The system didn’t launch until 2007 in Europe as we’re sure you may remember. But that doesn’t mean our fellow gamers from across the pond can’t mark the occasion as well. The PS3 got off to a rocky start in 2006 however, thanks to the support of gamers and developers Sony’s successor to the PS2 survived through the rough stages of its life cycle.

To celebrate we here at the blog decided to share our top PS3 gaming moments. We ask our readers to do the same if they like. Which game made you go “Wow! Did that just happen?!” or which PS3 game has provided the most entertainment for you, your friends or family? Share it here!

Jay: My 60GB PS3 getting the YLOD the day before my GT5 tournament. And the subsequent 3-4 month wait to have it repaired by GopherMods for an RSX reball, which has done a wonderful job and my PS3 hasn’t had any problems since. Getting my original PS3 back was reminiscent of the day I got it brand new. Except I had more games to play. And I was used to the amazing graphical capabilities already lol.

Sakinah: My favorite gaming moment on the PS3 occurred a few years ago during Little Big Planet. This was before our local phone company upgraded its Internet service from dial-up to DSL. I needed a little extra sacks to unlock the x3 and x4 prize bubbles so I got my younger brother ( the Xbox owner who never played LBP before ) and older sister ( the occasional gamer who loves LBP ) to help. We all were having a blast with the game even though we died a lot. It was one of those fun family moments that don’t happen to often and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Cheeto: I am a new PS3 user. There is a good story how I got my PS3. I remember that my wife just gave birth to our second daughter ”Maya” and I was heading home to grab a few things. I saw this small appliance shop right next to the hospital entrance and I remembered that she needed a hair dryer, so I stopped by, grabbed one really quick and on my way out I saw this medium sized box near the shop’s entrance with the PlayStation logo on top, so I asked the owner what is it and he said ”if I recall correctly” ”Some rich kid decided that he wants a Wii instead of a PS3, so he traded this back.

He only had it for one week”. I took the PS3 out of the box. It was barley touched 320GB model with a Dualshock 3 controller and a copy of LittleBigPlanet and inFamous. The guy gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I purchased the PS3, left the hair dryer behind since I didn’t have enough cash on me, then rushed back to the hospital. My wife asked me: is this the hair dryer? I said: no honey, this is much more! I will always remember May 27th 2011 as the day Maya was born and the day I purchased my first PS3!

Tosh: Some of my favorite PS3 moments are recent ones. When I got Kung-Fu live, it was such a treat and a workout! It offered something unique and new. It loved showing it to my friends and family.

Then a sequel to You Don’t Know Jack was released on the PS3 this year. This is the best party game hands down for me. I was really impressed by the game. It’s a blast to play with a group. There is always fits of laughter every time. I highly recommend picking up this game. It’s cheap, but has a lot of value!

  • @Cheeto loved your story man! So beautiful hahaha

    I don’t recall anything similar, but the PS3 marked a life changing moment in my life. It was my first high paying job, and my first paycheck payed for it ;p

    Then it compelled me to do a complete make over to my place to better fit it into the environment.

  • Highlight for me was when it didnt break. I went through 3 xbox 360s in a yr and my ps3 is yrs old 🙂

  • Well I was pissed when I got Mr. Perfect on Megaman 10 and then about 1 hr later the PS3 Original YLOD’d. I guess it was kind of like an O yea well I can do this! kind of thing XD

  • Haha, Cheeto’s story is priceless. I love it!

  • dragon290513

    thanks for the laugh Cheeto =)

    My fat 80GB broke its laser eye once right when i put back in the MW2 disc after a while :|. Got it repaired for $80 though I sold it 4 months later, got a new shiny slim the next 2 month :3

  • I said: no honey, this is much more!

    I read Cheeto’s story to my wife and we where both laughing at that part, lol. Great story.

  • @Cheeto: Great story! Good thing she only needed a hair dryer and not something more important or you would have been in trouble hahaha.

  • Cheeto

    hehe, Yeah moments like this are priceless. I did buy her a hair dryer later that week, she didn’t actually use it, still in box lol

  • haha great stories. dont really have any good ones myself

  • In 2008 I was working on a ship in the sea of ​​Mexico, before embarking bought my PS3, because the back would be in another country who find it difficult buy one, and i not know any store and i will have a shorter time.
    I paid U.S. $ 550 in that year
    I waiting for 5 months I was hoping to be back home, and can connect my PS3, and hoping not to sink the ship LOL
    M8s to give an idea my new slim cost currently here near my house 6 months ago US $ 580 more expensive than paid by that time in my fat.
    I’ll never forget my first platinum, my 100% expert on RB3 in rb 2, never got LOL

  • I wish I knew.

  • Platinum on RB3? That one must have taken a while.

  • Wow – sme great stories. I may pick up YDKJ when my ps3 is back from the dead – this is the third one in less than 2 years that has died!!!

    Anyhows, I paid £550 GBP for mine on day release, and I even took the day off work to play the damn thing! It was awesome.

    My wife just sat their watching me play games, wondering whether she’d married the right guy, whilst my little daughter (who is now 5) watched from her cradle.

    I had that moment where Sakinah says, did that just happen when I played Uncharted 2. I was like OMG was I playing a movie? or a game? other than that – I keep getting threats now from the wife – it’s me or the playstation.

    The playstation wins hands down!

    p.s. Glad my wife never reads this blog. Otherwise there would be a divorce being filed as I type – lol

  • @Madagasca: What the hell are you doing to your PS3 systems? Mine is a 120 GB Slim and it’s currently over at Sony’s so they fix the Bluray lense. Two weeks till it’s back 🙁

  • @eden
    Not Platinum in RB3, was just a 100% in drums expert.
    My first platinum was in U2

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 gave me lots of Wow moment. It’s really a great game!

    Uncharted series also gave me experience that I never had in other games…

    God of War 3 is another true masterpiece!

  • My experience with an PS3. It was 2008 and I went to USA (Yeah, I don’t live in the US) for vacation. I just had $300 and I was gonna be there for 2 months, that was okay since my family were going to pay for everything. I went to best buy and I saw the PS3 with MGS4 and I was like “What?! I want it so bad.” but I didn’t have the money. At the moment, the PS3 was around $499 I sold my PSP, I started to work. I bought it after a month. Cause by work I meant helping relatives. lol. When I finally got it, I went back home to play the whole day MGS4. After a month i bought it. Sony dropped the PS3’s price to $399. I was like meh, that’s alright. xD And i’ve been happy since then.

  • I still remembere the time 1 or 2 years ago when my fat 80 gig blu-ray lens died on me. I carried that badboy to videogamesny to get it repaired. It cost me 100 bucks but it was well worth it since it had backward compatibility

    As for gaming moment? The boss fights in MGS were awesome, and felt a great sense of accomplishment beating in beating Demon Souls. Man that game took a lot of patience

  • @mowmow Definitely, my first Demon’s Souls playtrough is one the most memorable gaming moments I had in my life. I’ll never forget Tower of Latria, one of the best level designs of all times. That’s one Platinum Trophy I’m actually surprised I managed to get.