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Releases for the Week (November 28th-December 4th) |

Know what’s a great way to celebrate the week after thanksgiving? With no retail releases for either PS3 or PSP! That’s right, this week you’ll all have to make do with offerings from the digital realm of gaming entertainment.

The highlight for the week is the Sly Collection being made available on the PSN Store either in a bundle or as separate purchases. Price is the same in the end (actually, it’s $0.03 more expensive in the bundle) and you can choose to get one of the 3 games or go all the way and the the collection itself. This is great news for those that can’t track a physical copy of the digital release as it was released with a very small print run.

On the other hand… we get a Voltron game! Indeed, the 80’s are back in style!

What made the cut for this week? Let’s find out!


You Can Buy The Sly Collection Right Here!

You Can Buy Modern Warfare 2 Right Here!

You Can Buy deBlob 2 Right Here!

PSOne Classics

PS2 Classics

  • Nothing for me this week.

  • Kane112 says : meh

    Pedro agrees.

  • EdEN tells everyone to buy Sly Collection… and reminds them about not having a PS3 right now.

  • picking up darkstalkers but that’s about it


  • There are good sales on PSN this week, but I’ll assume that everyone are playing Skyrim, so on behalf of the entire gaming community, thank you PSN, but no thank you lol

  • Beyond Good and Evil at half off is a nice deal… one I won’t be able to take a part in since I can’t buy PSN items from my PC ¬_¬

  • @eden I have the sly cooper collection on disk =]

  • Oly

    Eden has Sly Cooper on disc too.. well I have his copy till he gets his PS3 back.. muhahahahahaha

    Voltron might be interesting???

  • haha pero says that i say meh and i agree tho may pick up the first sly

  • @Oly: Only two more weeks!

  • week weak
    Now charge 39.99 per MW2 can only be a joke.
    Could be between 15 or 20 would be at a great price.
    I hope PSN PLUS from December is much better than this month, because there was nothing good.

  • Wow, really? Oook. Just checked the store update and MW2 at $40 is a joke. $30 at most, $20 would be a price I could relate to.

    As for PS+ this month.. it was great! We got all Crash Bandicot games and some minis. Unfourtunately, I can’t get Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team without my PS3 which is a shame because at $5 it would have made for a fine, fine purchase.

  • @eden

    This month the only 2 things I took the Plus was the trial of Monopoly.
    The full game compared to some stores in the USA is expensive (Amazon is $ 14.99) PSN 29.99. Near my house is $ 59.99, then the PSN this 50% off for me. I not bought the full version yet, because i got U3 and BF3 this month. I will get before xmas.
    I played 10 minutes Hydrophobia,i not liked … it’s my fault.
    PS1 games rarely do I download to see you got all of Genesis.
    The best thing I did was to have purchased the Plus, and it was a good year for the Plus 2011.
    I think this month with five Tuesdays we could have had more fullgames free.
    Now and wait for December, and have a great Christmas update as last year

  • You’re right. It really depends on what type of games you like. For me, PS+ was worth it on day 1 since I got $50 worth of content during the first week and everything was free after that. Oh, and the Borderlands discount really made me very, very happy! $14.99 for the whole game AND DLC was just crazy.

  • Very meh week. In fact, it’s going to be a few meh few months until March-ish.

  • @Isli: Mmm, what releases in march?

  • Mass Effect 3 good sir-quite looking forward to it. I love my scifi games almost as much as you love Nintendo.

  • Ah, right. Might have to check Mass Effect 2 on the holiday 2012 period once my backlog is down to double digits.

  • Mass Effect is the most overhyped game I’ve ever played. That game bores the hell out of me. Sorry I’m not looking forward to it, I haven’t even finished ME2.

    However, there are two promising RPGs scheduled for February : Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning and Dragon’s Dogma. I’m looking forward for both of them.

  • Heresy, Pedro! ME2 is awesome. I can see some things that you might not like, though, such as linear levels and a lack of a robust inventory system. But it has really depthful lore, fun gameplay mechanics, clever allusions (both visual and textual) to other sci-fi and cyberpunk classics, and just stunningly gorgeous graphics (ME2 looks better on the PS3 than on any other platform, once the game finally made its way over to us). Oh, and it’s got Martin Sheen — that’s cool (plus like half the cast of Battlestar Galactica). Great soundtrack as well. Is it sad that I listen to a videogame soundtrack occasionally? Anyway, a fine game.

  • @Pedro: I don’t think it’s really overhyped-it deserves a lot of the praise it got, but I wouldn’t consider it a fullblown RPG.

    I forgot about Kingdoms of Amalur! I am excited for that game too. However, I still say between now and then, there aren’t that many great games coming out.

  • What about Skyward Sword? Oh, and Rhythm Heaven releases in February!

  • @EdEN: …get outta here! :p

  • I know ME2 isn’t overhyped, I’m just being an a-hole here, but honestly I didn’t enjoy it. Too linear, waaaaay too much dialogue and loading screens that take forever… No decent inventory, no depth to leveling, bad shooting mechanics, dumb AI. I also found the game to be extremely repetitive and it imposed some useless mechanics that only contributed to it being boring. It peeked when I started the hammerhead (is that the name of the vehicle?) missions, seriously, I was doing the same thing over and over it took me 3 hours I didn’t even finish the thing, that’s when I gave up.

    Yeah… I know I’m a exception, but that’s life ;p

    @Eden Skyward Sword has been released already, what are you talking about?

  • dragon290513

    hmm maybe sly 3. Finished the first 2 before i have to return the disc.

  • Wish Darkstalkers was a PSN (>>) I heard it was pretty cool but no trophies no buy!

  • @Darklurkr23: I’m with you. No trophies, no easy buy. Also, I seem to recall that the PSX version had a LOT of loading issues. Maybe we’ll get the actual arcade game released on the next round of “Virtual Console” like service from one of the big 3.

  • Jay

    the Mass Effect universe would make for a very good modern day futuristic space show. Personally, I enjoyed the games lol. Mainly because of the story and atmosphere. And I’m not that big into sci fi stuff.

  • eh im with Pedro on this one i got bored of ME2 during the demo didnt even finish it

  • Get a 3DS, Super Mario 3D Land, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and $50 in eShop credit and let the good times roll!

  • dragon290513

    @Jay they are making a feature film based on the first Mass Effect.

  • O yea speaking of which anyone want MVC3 for PS3? I just platinumed it and got UMVC3 already.

  • Darklurkr23: A FREE copy of MV3? Sure!