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Ubisoft’s 25th Anniversary PSN Sale

Starting Tomorrow November 30th and ending on December 7th, Ubisoft will be celebrating its 25th birthday on the PlayStation Network with a huge discount on their DLC packs and games. If you haven’t taken advantage of the PlayStation Fall promotion, then this is your chance to stack on great titles, such as Outland, From Dust and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Full list of discounts after the jump …

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Releases for the Week (November 28th-December 4th)

Know what’s a great way to celebrate the week after thanksgiving? With no retail releases for either PS3 or PSP! That’s right, this week you’ll all have to make do with offerings from the digital realm of gaming entertainment.

The highlight for the week is the Sly Collection being made available on the PSN Store either in a bundle or as separate purchases. Price is the same in the end (actually, it’s $0.03 more expensive in the bundle) and you can choose to get one of the 3 games or go all the way and the the collection itself. This is great news for those that can’t track a physical copy of the digital release as it was released with a very small print run.

On the other hand… we get a Voltron game! Indeed, the 80’s are back in style!

What made the cut for this week? Let’s find out!

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Battlefield 3 Expansion Trailer: Gulf of Oman

EA has released a gameplay trailer of the upcoming Back to Karkland expansion pack for their top selling Battlefield 3 title. The forklift had me rolling when I watched it this morning.

No release date has been given just yet but those who have bought the title new will be entitled to this expansion absolutely free.

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Evolution Studios Announces Motorstorm RC

After the recent success of Motorstorm Apocalypse, Evolution studios has decided to release its second foray into the handheld genre, Motorstorm RC. The game has players controlling RC cars on sixteen tracks taken from all previous Motorstorm games. Its the best of both worlds, with an arcade-like racing experience, and modern day online compatibility. It will be released Spring 2012 as a PSN only downloadable title, but it will be playable on both the Vita and PS3, including a four-player split-screen mode on the PS3.

Split-screen has slowly been dying over the years, so it’s good to know that split-screen is being included in this downloadable title. Cross-platform play has not been confirmed, but it has been strongly hinted at. Game developers should take a hint and start bringing back this feature. More details after the jump

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