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How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Software Next Gen?

With the growing rumors implying that Sony’s and Microsoft’s next consoles may being revealed within the next year or so, I’m beginning to wonder just what it will cost to purchase software on these new systems. The price for video games has increased with the introduction of every new home console over the years. Back in the day games for the PS1 cost $40, the price for PS2 titles increased to $50 and today a brand new PS3 game will set you back $60. See the trend?

Assuming the price for a new console game will set you back $70 will gamers finally ask how much is too much? If the next gen gaming experience is anything like what we’re seeing today – single player campaigns only lasting 6-8 hours, extra content that could easily fit in the game being offered later as paid dlc, online passes- will it be worth it?

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50% OFF Sale at

There is going to be a 50% OFF Sale on beginning Friday Nov. 25 and Ending Monday, Nov. 28! The coupon code you will need is 50OFFPRIMA.

This is a great chance to pick up some amazing e-guides, including Uncharted 3, Rage, Assassin’s Creed, Saints Row: The Third, and the huge Skyrim essential guide.


Defenders of Ardania Coming to the PSN in December

Paradox Interactive has announced that “Defenders of Ardania” will be released on the PSN in December. The game is looking great, and I am excited to check it out. Hit the jump for a lot more info on the game.
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14 Comments IRC Chat Room

We are going old school and I setup a IRC chat for! Our channel is so you can type /join if you use another IRC client. I setup a dedicated page for it, you can access it by clicking the image above in the sidebar.


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