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Dead Island Christmas Calender With Prizes!! |

Dead Island is celebrating Christmas all month, by giving away prizes daily until Christmas. All you need to do is visit, register and answer the multiple choice question.

Every day there will be a new zombie or Dead Island related trivia question or puzzle for you. The are giving out tons of prizes for correct answers, including the following:

A collection of 10 classic zombie flicks on Blu-Ray
A PS3 with a hand airbrushed Dead Island design
A 46″ Sony Bravia 3D HDTV
A 1 week vacation for 2 to a tropical island AND a hand airbrushed Dead Island Xbox 360

Be sure to visit the site everyday, for new chances and prizes.

  • ZFM12

    Thaxs for this nice piece of info!!

  • thanks for the heads up time to enter =]

  • dragon290513

    nice find! will check this site everyday!

  • nice find wonder if anyone from here will win anything

  • wolfkin

    ok so a few questions..

    a) how does it work? i loggedin. found the “hidden” spot and then answered the question.. do you just hit exit after that? and i’m good?

    b) anyone find the legal info on regions? should I put my dad’s US addy or can I put my Canadian one?

  • Not bad at all, if only every game made something similar… I lol’d at the reindeer in the logo ;p