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Devil May Cry “Escape” Vignette |

Capcom has released a short but sweet DMC vignette. Everybody is out to get Dante, and it appears he knows how to handle himself in this short, to the point video.

  • Jay

    bad Dante character design aside, this was pretty sweet. Hopefully the game itself turns out to be good. The first trailer they released didn’t really get me excited, and the character design at that time? I hated the overall emo appearance. At least now, it’s not as in-your-face about it.

  • dragon290513

    its a bit more close to the original dante now

  • its kinda sad how thy destroyed my 2nd favorite franchise by rebooting it

  • wolfkin

    that definitely doesn’t look like what I remember of the Devil May Cry guy.. but as a game.. it wasn’t terrible looking.

  • I believe there will be an original Dante skin to choose. Aside from that, the game is shaping up nice and from the footage I’ve seen its keeping close to the roots of the franchise, which is, in most cases, very good. Hopefully this reboot will be the best thing that happened to the franchise since to original DMC.

  • Placing bets that all complainers about dantes look will be fine when skin packs are announced 🙂

  • i dont know why some people care so much about how he looks