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Ninja Gaiden 3 Multiplayer Gameplay |

The first multiplayer footage has been released by Team Ninja for the much anticipated Ninja Gaiden 3. They cover a lot of basics here in the following videos, such as ultimate moves and level progression. Following the videos is a new batch of screenshots to hold you over.

I must admit, everything is looking amazing for Team Ninja. I personally have purchased every past Ninja Gaiden game, and this looks to be on top of my must have list.


  • dragon290513

    havent played any of this franchise. Should I try the first 2?

  • I would hop in at 2 for sure. They are both brilliant. If you have an xbox Id get 2 on xbox as they nerfed out the graphic content on ps3 for some reason. The series is extremely challenging and the feeling you get when you battle down a boss is on par with completing Demon’s Souls

  • Getting it on Wii U.

  • dragon290513

    nice, will have to check bargain bin for it i guess. Though I heard its platinum is extremely hard to get.