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PlayStation Move With Projection Mapping | Studio Output |

The clip above was created with the help of the PlayStation Move. Here is how it’s done:

Each clip was shot in one take, the visual effects created using a mixture of props, live actors camouflaged in Lycra and, crucially, the technique of projective mapping – projecting backgrounds plus animation onto the environment, in this case the walls, furniture and other surfaces in the room.

To look realistic, the images being projected have to be distorted to suit the geometry of the “screen”, and the viewpoint must be stationary. But Studio Output wanted to capture the results using a roving camera. That was where the PlayStation Move played a key role. Studio Output attached it to their camera and used it to track its movements. The readings were then fed back to a system which adapted the projected image in real time, making the backgrounds dazzlingly convincing throughout each clip.

Pretty amazing stuff I must say and they haven’t even pushed it to the limits yet. They envision that this could one day evolve into a augmented reality experience. This sounds like true next generation technology. What are your thoughts on this?

Via Digital Arts Online

  • Nerd porn! Very cool Tosh!

  • Jay

    my head literally exploded as my jaw hit the ground. I am still in the process of cleaning up the mess I left behind.

  • lol jay. damn wow amazing what they can do

  • dragon290513

    very impressive!

  • only 999,99.99

  • L/L

    An example of projective mapping used for visuals in an electronic music live performance..

  • That’s really cool L/L, I’d love to go to his show and see that live.

  • this is amazing! loved it! imagine playing a game like this!

  • dragon290513

    is this similar to what they did in the VGA? I wonder…