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Free Points Saturday for December 10th |

Slightly earlier this week, since I remembered this time. Anyway, remember, for the month of December, it’s double points and double entries for Free Points Saturday! That means 20 entries with 300 points each. As always, if it takes too long to get people to answer, I will provide clues. And the final clue will be the answer itself. If there are still spots left after about an hour of posting the answer, I will just have to take some of the points myself :P.

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s question:

This title solely released on the PlayStation, but other games in the series have been seen on numerous platforms before and after this release. In this particular addition, throughout some of the ‘hub’ levels, which took place between themed levels (in different periods of time), are three hidden crystal keys used to transport the main character to the aforementioned themed levels. What is the name of this game?
Hint: Don’t use any punctuation, just letters and/or numbers.
Hint 2: One addition to the series took forever to release
Hint 3: The main character usually shows up to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but is usually out of gum

[question answer=”Duke Nukem Time to Kill” option=”freepoints” limit=”20″]

  • wolfkin

    ok wow.. not as easy as I though…

  • Jay

    lol, yeah, it’s a hard one. Might have to start throwing hints tonight haha

  • i thought i knew what it was but i’m stuck

  • wolfkin

    do you see my guesses.. b/c I have to imagine it would be funny knowing the answer to see the wild things I’ve thrown in there.

  • huh… wow didn’t think that was right but awesome =D

  • dragon290513

    damn this is hard

  • I’m 80% sure I know the answer but do I have to get everything correct. including the subtitle?

  • I thought I for sure had the right answer, it fit almost exactly with the question, but it turned out to be something else.

  • wolfkin

    Iā€™m 80% sure I know the answer but do I have to get everything correct. including the subtitle?

    based on the prompt.. yes on the subtitle but no colons or anything just the words (?and number?)

  • wow that was a harder one tho made perfect sense when i got it

  • I tried every combination I can think of for the game I thought it was but alas…

  • Wow, definitely the hardest one yet.

  • I finally got it after a couple hours of thinking about it……my brain hurts

  • dragon290513

    oh okay oh right without that clue there would be no way in hell i could find the answer. Thanks for the points!

  • How does the site determine which names are displayed in which order for the points?

  • believe the top one is the first person to get it and second the second person and so on

  • @Kane112 unlikely since I was the 7th one to answer correctly and @mowmow was the first

  • Exactly why I was asking. I was the 5th person but I went to the top. Maybe it is ranking us in terms of how awesome we are. Kane is the least awesome. :c

  • this was a really hard one. I kept putting in the wrong name and its sequels so many times before i decide to search deeper

  • oh sorry your right it used to be in that under but has changed for some reason

  • haha screw you isli your reading the list the wrong way around im the most awesome and your the least

  • Thanks for the points. Took a bit of searching. Figured it out though.

  • jamisonfitz

    Finally got it, please makes the submission form AJAX so i don’t have to reload to guess, LOL.

  • How does the site determine which names are displayed in which order for the points?

    It just queries the databases and spits out the names. I don’t filter it in anyway. But perhaps I could look into sorting it by date. But I thought it was doing it in order ..

  • it was doing it in order at the start but changed for some reason

  • Damn, this one really took some work. Thanks Jay!

  • haha that last hint makes it so easy

  • dragon290513

    i got it by the hint in the liveblog šŸ˜›

  • wolfkin

    fantastic clue.. and WOW was i way off. I never in a million years would have guess it w/o the clue.

  • Wow, if it weren’t for that last hint, and then the italics on the second one I wouldn’t have got it :/

  • Haha i almost forgot about this free point sats

  • Oly

    doh.. too late lol and i just figured it out