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Releases for the Week (December 12th-18th) |

Christmas is so close we can sorta taste the rainbow. Publishers know this, and thus have decided that was already been released will be good enough of an option to fight for our holiday purchase attention deficit disorder.

There are NO retail releases this week. There’s only two new releases on digital format: ONE of them is a PSN game and the other is part of the minis category (and you can read our The Marbians review right here) release that is new to the US. What is the rest of the content, you ask? Digital releases of retail games.

Jump, jump, jump with joy as we take a look at how the next couple of weeks will be for “Releases for the Week”.

Break it!


You Can Buy Red Faction: Armageddon Right Here!

You Can Buy Alice Madness Returns Right Here!

You Can Buy Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Right Here!


  • wow slow week that terrible for right before x-mas

  • All the big games have been released. Nothing on schedule from now till the 31st. Well, at least nothing I can remember right now.

  • true but to have no releases before x-mas should have at least a couple of games for kids

  • Skylanders pretty much stole christmas from any other kids release hehehe. Adventures of Tintin probably does a good job at that as well.

  • Curious about the family feud. My wife might like it. Have to see on the price.

  • Alice looks tempting, but I am committed to LA Noire.

  • dragon290513

    yeah most likely we all already got what we want to play already

  • nothing for me this week, and for some time now, a bunch of games that need to be played first.

  • Wait, was that Pedro?

  • lol, yeah that’s me, after working 75 hours in 5 days even i deserve a break!

    best part of it is: i don’t get paid for working overtime and i’ve pulled a nerve on my back and it’s been killing me. (but is surprisingly a lot better after a visit to the chiropractor! not oly though)

  • Yeah, I’ve been working 17 hours a day for the past 3 weeks (at least it IS some extra money).

    I’ll dive into a Corpse Party tonight to relax.

  • dragon290513

    crunch time huh guys?

  • End of the year extravaganza!

  • Yea I always wanted to play Alice. Was it any good? It sure looked amazing

  • I actually own Madness Returns. Was about to do a platinum run when the Bluray laser of my PS3 died hahaha. Here’s Jason’s review for the game so you can see WHY I bought it in the first place:

  • yea just saw the sales and there’s nothing for me this week