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With An Enthusiasm Unknown To Mankind |

The PS3.

You love it. Status updates and awkward pet photos would be looked forward to if your PS3 had a Facebook page. If it could tweet, you’d follow it. Smack it up and rub it down and gently ride that wave in, is what you’re thinking when Playstation is mentioned in passing conversation, website, or article. You would go on Maury and submit to a “baby daddy” paternity test for it. Now that we got that out of the way:

Does anybody else think it needs a facelift? You know…in general?

The XMB is tired. The obese XMB cow has grazed in the field long enough and needs to be harvested. This cow has also requested to be turned into a happy meal if at all possible. I digress though…it’s gotten a bit stale, hasn’t it? It’s been the same tired look for how many years now? Maybe something to liven up the whole experience would be nice? Add some more color to an over dark, stark and otherwise cold look. Now I know there’s jazzy themes and dynamic  whatnots to spruce up the whole overall outlook, but maybe a whole new design is needed?

And maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I’m inundated  with advertisements and “look what we have here specials”? The XMB lately seems slow and sluggish and bogged down with extras I just don’t care for. How about a totally and fully personal customizable XMB would be the route to take for Sony? I’d be on board with that. And what’s with this safety message that pops up now every time I turn on my PS3? I know I need to take a break. Don’t get all preachy PS3, just load up Uncharted 3 and get me online. Do everyone a favor and leave the safety soapbox at home, gosh!

Playstation friends.

I’ve got them in spades. Almost too many. I engage in “friend spring cleaning” every other week to make room for the Foo Army hordes that join my ranks everyday. Seriously, we’re talking friend mudslide action. So why is it that I even have any friends at all  if I can’t effectively communicate with them? The keypad attachment for my controller stinks! My stupid, fat, troll-like fingers can’t press the right buttons and when I do – it looks like I just mashed all the buttons at the same time. Text chat is ok I guess, but who wants to type when they’re in the middle of a game? I think you know what I’m getting at here…currently there’s 84 friends on my list. 20 online as of now. 19 of them are playing a different game.

Cross party chat. Party mode. Inter game awesomesauce.

Whatever you want to call it, the PS3 needs it. Like a bloated double-double burger from In-N-Out with extra cheese (no onions) and a side of “animal style” fries – this is quite possibly the tastiest rumor this side of the mississippi. Can you imagine the increase in users alone? Not only is it free to game online – now we got party/cross game chat! Come on in and let’s get donkey!! Sony would have to go to home depot and buy the biggest money rake ever. Worlds would collide, mysteries would be solved. Roswell would be explained, the JFK assassination would have closure. So maybe it wouldn’t be that epic, but it would pretty newsworthy. Being able to connect with all your friend regardless of what game they’re playing would make the Playstation community and it’s console the clear and obvious choice for people who are on the fence, or possibly big toe dipping in the deep end – to go out and buy a Playstation.

Now I know what you’re saying. Someone said it couldn’t be done, blah, blah, blah. 

You mean to tell me out of all the thousands of employees who work at Sony/Playstation that there isn’t one egghead that can’t figure it out? They’re probably in the Playstation lab right now figuring out what they want to call it. It’s probably already done and they’re just waiting/testing it and making it ready for the masses. Sony has denied plenty of things in which have come true:

Sony PSP:

Then: Can’t use it as a remote.

Now: you can use it as a remote via wifi to manage downloads. You can also use it as a rear view mirror in Grand Turismo. Or at least that’s what I heard (I don’t have the game) so that’s pretty cool.

Sony Move:

Then: “We’re not currently in development of any motion based games/peripherals.”

Now: This of course was said when the Playstation Move was code named “Sphere”. Later on that year, the Move came out with a  limited amount of titles. Some developers have embraced it, even adding Move support to games post-release. And with games like “Sorcery” and other titles rumored to be in development, it’s an exciting to grab a Move bundle and get familiar with Sony’s motion gaming effort.  And the “Sports Champions” bundle average price at $60, it’s a deal and a half.  So grab one up kids!

Sony of course never “comments on speculations and rumors”, so we many never know what Sony has up their sleeve. In this writers opinion it may time to release the cross chat monster as well as other little fixes in order to generate some new found interest in the Playstation community as a whole. While my opinions may not be reflective of this quality website, I think we can all agree that Sony needs to lead this endeavor with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind and firmly stake itself as a front runner once and for all as the superior gaming console.

Oh yeah, to you and yours – Happy Holidays or whatever.

  • What the ps3 needs,
    The ability to have multiple save configurations under network. It sucks having to enter wep every time your done using adhoc.
    The ability to use Facebook. It is stupid that it has Facebook integration and yet you can view your page from ps3 browser lol
    The ability to play music while in any game. Come on Sony its retarded you cant do this yet. Xbox had it from day 1.
    It doesn’t need party chat or private chat. PS3 is the worst when it comes to mics in general. Party chat will only worsen this. To many games can be exploited with private and party chat.

  • I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime now Foo. If you check the site’s poll you will notice that over %30 of our users think that the XMB could use some changes. Personally I find it depressing, despite some of the cheerful themes available for download in the store. The XMB represents (to me) an outdated operating system. Something not as cool or hip as a Mac, but still efficient as a Windows. It lacks the colors, the cheerful factor, that spicy ingredient that makes your dish above average.
    On the other hand, I highly doubt that we’ll see any major changes in the near future. Now that we are expecting new consoles in the next few years, more resources will be directed toward development. I am sure Sony is looking at the new Xbox dashboard and thinking: “XMB could use a facelift, but it is not needed”. PS3 users should make it clear to Sony that a new dashboard is not only welcomed, but most importantly needed.

  • (This page didn’t load well at on on my work computer, XD there is a ton of data text at the top…)

    I love the XMB, and I’m not really looking forward to the bubble interface that is Vita, even though that’s a much more touch savvy interface. I doubt they’ll change the XMB anytime soon, but perhaps they could offer a ‘new skin’ for people and keep the XMB as a ‘classic’ skin like when Windows XP came out, you could go to the classic style.

  • Jay

    the only thing I have an issue with is the inability to change the font color to something dark to compensate for bright backgrounds

  • any customizable options is what i was really driving at.

    the ps3 needs a lot of things…baby steps people.

  • wolfkin

    yeesh. I mostly disagree. I LOVE the fact that the XMB is still the XMB. Every time MS changes their interface all i hear about is how terrible it is how the ads are bigger.. in two iterations it’s going to be 80% ads the way i hear it.

    No the XMB isn’t a tired old cow. It’s just not broken so there’s not a need to fix it. Honestly I am buzzed about the addition of the store to every panel and a TV column that’s not removable even if I don’t use Netflix. But honestly my complaints with the PS3 are not with the XMB I just say a little prayer every time I get online that Sony doesn’t change it. Yeah I’d like to be able to scroll thru my list of 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory a bit faster and maybe custom folders (rather than just alpha sorts) would be cool but honestly they could keep it as is and I’m perfectly content

    As for X-game chat. I STILL don’t get it. If 19 of your friends are playing battlefield and you want to play CoD why do you want to talk to them? To invite them? Invites do that perfectly fine and while a better invite system would be welcome it’s nothing that ‘NEEDS X-Game Chat’.

    The ONLY time I wanted X-Game chat in the 3+ years I’ve has a PS3 was when i wanted to show someone how to play Fat Princess.. there’s no way to chat with someone on the other game and they instituted balancing so we couldn’t be on the same team.. it was… ugly and she never got into the game. that’s a fluke though. If I’m playing Resistance 2 I want to talk to the people I’m playing with not my buddy freakyzeaky who’s playing Red Faction.

    As far as the possibilities without getting technical it’s not physically possible. It’s not a matter of just throw more software engineers at it. Think of it like this the PS3 might have more memory than an Xbox but the Xbox has … call it 128MB of Global memory and the rest in private memory so when a game is playing it’s using up all that private memory and the x-game chat and stuff is taking up a chunk of the global memory. On the PS3 they physically don’t have enough global memory to sustain voice-over-ip. You can try to argue that they should squeeze the XMB down in size to fit voip but there comes a point where you can’t squeeze anymore. We’re there.

    As Jay hinted at 90% of themes are garbage. They all have white or light spots right where you want to read text and that makes them useless for someone who actually USES their PS3. My sister knows a guy with a PS3 but it’s a FPS gamer. the type that has 3 CoD games, Battlefield and 2 sports games i don’t remember. I don’t think he has anything on his Harddrive that isn’t DLC. I use my PS3 almost like Greg Miller. I got at least 60+ video files 120-something audio files and I unloaded a roll of pictures on there one time so i have that. I win DLC games and I keep them all (on my new 500GB HD) so I’m always needing to scroll and read. I used to download themes when I figured out how to get them online.. then I stopped when that sweet Super Mario theme was all clouds and Tanooki Suit. Blinding.

    I do support the PSP connectivity. Nintendo tried so hard with the GBA and now that they have the penetration they give up it’s a sad sad thing.

  • wolfkin

    oh yeah forgot about Jason.. Burnout Paradise let you pick whatever song you wanted to listen. So does Singstar (though it only plays during song selection obviously) the feature is there.. but the devs aren’t using it. That’s game developers being all “it’s my art i won’t have soiling the ‘experience’ with Dave Matthews playing in the background”

  • I know PS3 really really really needs a facelift. Xbox’s new dashboard is god-awful, but at least they’re trying new stuff. PS3 XMB is real dark and dank. Like your going through files. I’d love some Cross chat and hell maybe even a zazz section. ( like not EVERYTHING is bunched into the PS Store.)

    But then again it could always be worse

  • dragon290513

    maybe they can take note and fix it in ps4 =)

  • don’t break something that works, if they do anything they need to be careful because the xmb currently just works and it’s simple, would love to see peoples concept ideas

  • I disagree almost entirely. I love the XMB just as it is, and having recently got a 360 I appreciate its beautiful simplicity all the more. I don’t want it changed, and would be mightily annoyed if they did. And if you think there are a lot of ads on it, you really should try the new 360 Dashboard… it’s riddled with them on almost every screen.

    While some may want it, I also have no desire for cross-game chat. I find it nothing but an unwelcome irritation on 360 and either keep my console offline to avoid requests, or simply ignore them.