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Huge Savings at the Square Enix Store |

Have you been to the Square Enix Online Store lately? If not, now’s a great time for you to drop by for a visit! Check out the great deals being offered during the Square Enix Online Store Holiday Sale. You can get the Tomb Raider HD Trilogy for only $12!


  1. damn nice offers. Should have a direct link somewhere in your post

  2. dragon290513

    aye. but 33% off is a bit weak compared to…steam 😛

  3. @Kane: Forgot about that. All fixed!

  4. ye now thats better

  5. All sleep and no play…

  6. Those are still expensive compared to amazon and even gamestop.

  7. Bestbuy has been killing all retailers in the deals department, newegg has had decent deals as well. picked up Dues Ex Augmented for 30$ plus 20$ for prince of persia tril for 19. plus 20$ for 40$ google offer from new egg, and thats a great deal.. Best buy 9.99 daily deals the past month has scored me tomb raider tril for 9.99, dj hero game + turn table for 9.99, Assasians creed brotherhood 9.99, Time crisis razing storm 9.99, crazy deals out there if you look closely enough.

  8. @hobbes: Nice price on the Augmented Edition! Right now you won’t find Tomb Raider HD Trilogy for anything less than the S-E price. AND if you like your PSOne classics on a disc, they STILL sell them!

  9. I’ll probably have to pass on these though the Tomb Raider Trilogy somewhat interests me. I’ve bought too many games for Christmas as it is and who knows what else I might be receiving from friends and family. 😉

  10. dragon290513

    but PS+ already gave me underworld, where can i get the other 2 for such price!

  11. @dragon290513: Buy the Tomb Raider HD collection at this great price, play the other two games, get your platinum trophies, sell it for $15 and then play your PS+ copy of underworld.

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