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Releases for the Week (December 12th-18th) |

Welcome to the last store update before everyone gets “sick” and has to spend “time at home” to recover… with all the games we’ll be getting on Christmas (you DID remember to be good all year long and already bought the milk and cookies with double chocolate mint, right?).

Week two of “Operation No Retail, No Lies” is in full effect. This time around, we only get two new PSN titles, 3 minis and one PSOne Classic (although the word classic is a bit of a stretch for the game we’ll be getting). One of the minis, Orbit, is a game we’ll be reviewing this week (short review= very fun game worth your money). Another one is Prehistoric Isle, a game that I spent so much money on at the arcades they should be giving it to me free of charge. Of COURSE I’ll be using my PS+ discount to buy it tomorrow as soon as the store update goes live.

We’re getting several retail to digital releases and one of them shines more than the others. L.A. Noire. Not only is it a great game (you can read the review right here), it will also be released in a digital bundle with ALL DLC included as well! But wait, there’s more! PS+ subscribers can purchase it at a discount so be sure to check tomorrow for the final price on what will definitely take you away on a very, very interesting journey.


You Can Buy L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition Right Here!

You Can Buy NCAA Football 2012 Right Here!

You Can Buy Just Cause 2 Right Here!

You Can Buy Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway Right Here!

You Can Buy Prince of Persina: The Forgotten Sands Right Here!


PSOne Classics

  • TRINE 2! Yes! finally something to top off the holidays. I’ll be playing that none stop. I am wondering what the price would be for LA Noir complete edition, might grab that as well.

  • I still need to do a full trophy run for Trine. Its on my “to do” list for when my PS3 is back in a couple of days.

    The price for the LA Noire Complete Edition on PSN truly is a mystery. My guess is $50 – discount which would place it at $35 with all DLC. Not a bad deal indeed.

  • may pick up LA Noire depending on the final price and maybe trine 2 just to make cheeto happy

  • dragon290513

    if you’re interested in the noir stuff or detective work at all, you wont be disappointed by it. It may get a bit repetitive after first half of the game though.

  • may pick up LA Noire depending on the final price and maybe trine 2 just to make cheeto happy


  • That short review is good to hear! Looking forward to the main event. πŸ™‚

  • @evanac: Shooting for a thursday post on the review. Just don’t be mad if it’s out on friday! Have to work on feeding the family first πŸ™‚

  • ohhh looks like there is going to be some dlc for renegade ops today as well may pick that up

  • Sounds cool. I’ll cross fingers for Thursday as it’s my last day in the office. If not I’ll check it out from home, of course. πŸ˜‰

  • Hey just asking, is L.A. Noire discs stil melting the PS3 drives πŸ˜€ Maybe this is one game I WILL download πŸ˜€

  • @Darklurkr23: Nice question! My guess would be yes. Mmm, once my PS3 is back I’ll try and download it. Any PS+ subscribers out there that can confirm final price? $31.49 for the whole thing?

  • la noire reg is 31.49
    la noire complete is 24.49 for plus members

  • Wait, L.A. Noire was melting PS3 drives!?

    Trine 2 = Mine. @Cheeto: Get ready…

  • @Isli: So say the forums in the webs!

    Still need to do my full trophy run on Trine before diving into Trine 2.

  • dragon290513

    i platinum’d the regular edition with all the DLCs fine without any problem so dont you worry.