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What’s Up With Final Fantasy Versus XIII? |

At E3 2006 Square Enix announced three new titles that would be added to the Final Fantasy series, which were Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, & Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally Final Fantasy XIII was suppose to be a PS3 exclusive, but then later announced for Xbox 360 which surprised many fans. Final Fantasy Agito XIII was intended to be Mobile game for phones, but now is currently under development for the PSP, and was renamed Final Fantasy Type-0. The one that seemed most interesting was Final Fantasy Versus XIII which Square Enix hasn’t revealed too much about.

A lot of mystery is clouded about this game & has left many curious fans feeding in the dark for more news. Sure they’re a few screen shots & videos Square Enix has unveiled, but it’s not enough. We were lucky enough that the last FFversusXIII trailer released at Tokyo Game Show 2010 show us a glimpse of the gameplay & story. The development team behind FFversusXIII is responsible for bringing us the famous & enjoyed Kingdom Hearts series, which brings the anticipation even higher considering from what we’ve see in the last trailer since battle systems seems to be similar.

Fans have been wondering what’s up with Square Enix when comes the Final Fantasy series. Games such as Final Fantasy XIV which unfortunately hasn’t been living up to expectations since its release on PC & now another spin off with Final Fantasy XIII-2 which is set to release Jan 31, 2012, have fans asking, “Wait What’s up with Final Fantasy Versus XIII?”.

Although Square Enix has been duck & dodging us, we’ll just have to hope for something, like a Release date or a Demo at least & yes I’m talking to you Square Enix. So just keep your fingers crossed fans & hope this is well worth the wait.

If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer yet click here

  • never was a fan.

    but those who are, are definitely looking forward to this one.

  • That’s the game I’m most excited about RIGHT NOW !!!!!

  • E3 2012

  • I was looking forward to this, but they announced it too early. When a game goes into this production limbo, I just stop caring.

  • Here’s a fun fact: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Versus were both shown at E3 2006. Since then Naughty Dog has completed the Uncharted trilogy and have shown off a new IP.

    What have we seen from Versus since 2006? Trailers, trailers and more trailers.

    I say this every year but hopefully 2012 will be the year I’m playing Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

  • @Sakinah: That’s a really depressing fact. What makes it worse is that the Uncharted trilogy wasn’t just rushed out in poor condition-they were all solid games. SE has just been off their game lately (since PS3 came out really).

  • At this rate it will release on march 2013 at the earliest. Don’t think Square Enix will release two FF XIII games on the same year.

  • I’m expecting it is either cancelled or moved to PS4. It’s been too long since it was announced.

  • dragon290513

    nah, i think we will get new info in TGS 2012

  • This game is dead to me.