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Free Points Saturday | December 24th |

Alrighty, thanks for your patience. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! In case you forgot, we’re doing two of these since I missed last week and quadrupling everything on one question was a bit on the ridiculous side. We still have one more question before the year closes, so stick around for that next week!

Anyway, here’s the question for today:

This substance can cause a certain mutation if you happen to get knocked into it. That’s what happened to a certain game character’s best friend anyway.
Hint: 2 words

Sorry, a little too late! The answer was Dark Eco.


  1. Man i loved the game’s series

  2. dragon290513

    this is tricky, and a bit vague @[email protected]

  3. Jay is getting vaguer and vaguer with his FPS :p

  4. I thought this would be hella easy lol. If I added anything else, it would give it away.

  5. Baha, nevermind. I didn’t realize this was a video game. Fyi, answer is not Chemical X.

  6. No idea what so ever.

  7. Its like Christmas with all these points being given away

  8. dragon290513

    damn could someone drop me a hint @[email protected] got absolutely no clue whatsoever (well aside from that its from a video game)

  9. Hint: Answer still isn’t Chemical X. Or Weebles Wobble.

  10. I can’t figure it out!!! >.< I need another hint.

  11. Awesome Game XD That one is going to be a bitch for some people!

  12. haha i remember playing this game, one of the first i played. It will be tough if you’ve never played it

  13. dragon290513

    oh wow phew finally! I havent played any of its games but thanks to drop of hints here and there above and my little friend google =)

  14. wolfkin

    you know how many things mutate you? all i can think of is Ooze from TMNT.. i ‘m so stuck on it i can’t think past it. bugger.

  15. Jay you cheeky thing you. Had to go through every game my boyfriend and I could think of with mutagens before finally getting a stray answer while brainstorming for the like… 5th round. lol ^.^

  16. haha ye was pretty hard only played one of the games myself

  17. stuck.. and it’s too late.. ill try more on XMAS lol

  18. completely stumped on this one

  19. dragon290513

    i know the feeling. try something…iconic!

  20. wow without the new hint i would have never have gotten it, since i never played that series before

  21. This one had me going for a while, didn’t think I would get it! Merry Christmas (Happy Hollidays) everyone!

  22. Haven’t played this series … will have to get to play it soon then 😛
    Thanks for the points.. Merry Christmas 🙂

  23. man, if you guys haven’t played this series, you’re missing out on one of the best franchises for the PS2

  24. Power puff girls!

  25. man, this is tough! always wanted to play it but no times for it… guess I’ll be playing it on ps3 later 🙂

  26. wolfkin

    dark eco.. wow.. never even heard of it.. at least now idon’t feel so bad.

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