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Free Points Saturday | December 24th |

Alrighty, thanks for your patience. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! In case you forgot, we’re doing two of these since I missed last week and quadrupling everything on one question was a bit on the ridiculous side. We still have one more question before the year closes, so stick around for that next week!

Anyway, here’s the question for today:

This substance can cause a certain mutation if you happen to get knocked into it. That’s what happened to a certain game character’s best friend anyway.
Hint: 2 words

[question answer=”Dark Eco” option=”freepoints” limit=”20″]

  • Man i loved the game’s series

  • dragon290513

    this is tricky, and a bit vague @[email protected]

  • Jay is getting vaguer and vaguer with his FPS :p

  • Jay

    I thought this would be hella easy lol. If I added anything else, it would give it away.

  • Baha, nevermind. I didn’t realize this was a video game. Fyi, answer is not Chemical X.

  • No idea what so ever.

  • Its like Christmas with all these points being given away

  • dragon290513

    damn could someone drop me a hint @[email protected] got absolutely no clue whatsoever (well aside from that its from a video game)

  • Hint: Answer still isn’t Chemical X. Or Weebles Wobble.

  • I can’t figure it out!!! >.< I need another hint.

  • Awesome Game XD That one is going to be a bitch for some people!

  • haha i remember playing this game, one of the first i played. It will be tough if you’ve never played it

  • dragon290513

    oh wow phew finally! I havent played any of its games but thanks to drop of hints here and there above and my little friend google =)

  • wolfkin

    you know how many things mutate you? all i can think of is Ooze from TMNT.. i ‘m so stuck on it i can’t think past it. bugger.

  • Jay you cheeky thing you. Had to go through every game my boyfriend and I could think of with mutagens before finally getting a stray answer while brainstorming for the like… 5th round. lol ^.^

  • haha ye was pretty hard only played one of the games myself

  • Oly

    stuck.. and it’s too late.. ill try more on XMAS lol

  • completely stumped on this one

  • dragon290513

    i know the feeling. try something…iconic!

  • wow without the new hint i would have never have gotten it, since i never played that series before

  • This one had me going for a while, didn’t think I would get it! Merry Christmas (Happy Hollidays) everyone!

  • Haven’t played this series … will have to get to play it soon then 😛
    Thanks for the points.. Merry Christmas 🙂

  • Jay

    man, if you guys haven’t played this series, you’re missing out on one of the best franchises for the PS2

  • Power puff girls!

  • man, this is tough! always wanted to play it but no times for it… guess I’ll be playing it on ps3 later 🙂

  • wolfkin

    dark eco.. wow.. never even heard of it.. at least now idon’t feel so bad.